holy S#$#

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  1. I remember that being posted on the old forum. Definite pucker factor, for sure. Smacked his hearing protection right off his head. One lucky dude.

  2. 69burbon

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    It is amazing that it came right back like it did. He had to have hit that target strait on. If there was any angle on the target when he hit it would have deflected in a different direction.
  3. Kelotravolski

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    I am surprised that it did not punch right through whatever it hit.
  4. Gramps

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    He should have bought a lottery ticket as soon as they left the range. One Lucky guy.
  5. Ridge

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    Its a double ricochet, actually....bounced 180 off the target, you can see a puff of dust on the ground in front of him just before his ear protection explodes...
  6. :shock: wow i bet he went to church the next sunday :D
  7. If that bullet had been one inch over in the wrong direction it would have taken the side of his head off. You don't mess with a .50 BMG shell and survive too often. Even a ricochet.
  8. Kelotravolski

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    did you hear what they said at the end. Something about Iron not working or not using Iron again. I think they were shooting an iron target which is not too smart.
  9. They said no more shooting at iron. They had a piece of iron plate as a target and it was one of those one in a million shots where the round hit the target and came straight back at the shooter.
  10. The thing that suprises me is the whistle as the bullet comes back. Even the microphone on the camera picked that up. I have headphones that are excellent quality, so maybe you guys didn't hear it, but listen to it/watch it again. Round goes off, you get the duct cloud from ignition, you hear the impact and then the whistle starts.... That's when he starts his bad day..... That's a religious experience in the making right there....

    I have a friend that was shooting bowling pins during a 1911 match. He told me that he actually saw the impact as the pin fell and then watched the bullet fly back at him and hit him in the chest. Of course, the bullet had lost most of it's velocity and didn't hurt him at all, but he said it was a hopeless feeling to say the least. Heres to hoping that guy learned the same thing....
  11. pistolerowe

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    I woulda had to change pants just from hearing that whistle coming at me. :shock:
  12. I have an intact .45acp bullet (230 gr FMJ) that came back at me while shooting pins. I keep it as a sort of good luck charm.

  13. My guess is that the bullet was deformed from hitting the iron plate and that caused the whistle sound.
  14. That's a VERY GOOD example of why you should not shoot steel or hard rock with jacketed bullets. See it happen before, not quiet like that though, with people bringing FMJ ammo to shoot steel plates with, luckily it only broke a truck window in the parking lot 180 degree behind the shooting lanes!!

  15. thats a helpless feeling hearing that whistle you know it's coming back, but if there is nothing to get behind what can ya really do? if you move I imagine you would be just as likely to get hit . idk
  16. GlockMan

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    I seen so many bounce backs that hit people its ridiculous. Most were without injury but I had one that hit the center bridge of my shooting glasses and crack it. Always wear shooting glasses!
  17. z71silverado98

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    turn sideways? (smaller target)
    dive on the ground w/ you head away from the incoming bullet? (feet take impact first and slow down bullet, vulnerable to a drop hit in the head though)
    crawling position w/ head down and covered by arms. ( best choice IMO)

    diving would prolly be fastest as youd have only fractions of a sec to react.
  19. Ridge

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    Yeah, having kids without protection there is bad enough, but to turn down free protection for them, saying they knew it was going to be loud is just bad parenting...I know ever since my misfire in my house, my right ear has been a little less sensitive to sound ever since...that was one shot. Imagine the hundreds they heard there...