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  1. Ok, I did it. Took my Home Defense class this past weekend. Total of 12 hours and got my NRA certificate AND Certificate for MA. LTC.
    VERY informative. I learned the stances and chose the one that is best for me (even though I am going to practice the other two). When You can actually shoot someone. There is alot of thinking in your mind before You make that decision....to shoot somebody. I know most of you already knew this, BUT some of us don't and just think that because someone is coming to you (in certain instances) that you can just blow them away...wrong! We had about 33 in our class from people who have shot a gun before and those who have never shot. Alot of techniques for the home...too much to put on here, my fingers will get numb from typing! All I can say is, IF any of you have not gone to one of these classes, do so. Next class for me will be the "Out Of The Home Defense".
    All in all, I learned alot and I will continue to practice what I learned and take more (if need be) classes to better Myself, Family and the innocent people around me.
  2. Hi there - congrats on the class and seeing the need for training and more training! Good for you and your family.

    I want to clarify a point made during my class, and I've spent quite a bit of time thinking about too. I'm not "right", I just am...... so some ammo to mull over here.

    I don't want to think about it as it is happening. I think about it now - I run through scenarios and what-ifs. I look for cover, concealment options when I am out. In my house I have them down cold. If someone comes in and I'm alerted and feel the need to draw my weapon, I've already decided what I'm willing to do. Most of the training I've had and reading I've done, talks about knowing where your personal line is..... and then it's crossed, what actions you'll take, without hesitating. A BG who's made the decision to enter your home, has made his decision - he has or will cross your line - you have to know what you are going to do before that happens. You have to train on it. When no one is home, I practice moving, aiming, clearing, taking positions, etc. Day time, and in complete darkness. I'm not Rambo or LE or Military so I have no clue if I'm doing it right.... but I know my home and my plan. A BG crosses my line, I won't have to think about it.

    I don't think it's a small point really - the thinking you do now, defensive positions, actions, etc. and training to support it - means you won't have to "think" when you should be acting. I'm not saying blind rage or Rambo - I'm saying get comfortable with your plan and ready to act on it.

  3. You are correct. Plan NOW so you don't have to when it's to late. I like the part you said, "when no one is home" you do your training. These are things I NEVER even thought about. I will start thinking on these scenario's too. I'll tell you.......I also had fun doing it (the class).
  4. I think that everyone should have to go to a class like this to own a gun!!! That is just my thinking but I think it would cut down on the safety issues related to firearms dramaticly.

    Great job on the write up bro and congrats on taking the best step in keeping yourself and your loved ones safe!!!!
  5. Stryker1, Everyone SHOULD go to a class like this. There was way more on the class other than "when you can shoot someone". I was just giving a small detail of the class. But, some of the laws; scenario's; do's and don't's; range skill's; a two hour documentory on MASSARD AYOOB who is Internationally known as a Director of Lethal Force and of many other teaching experiences. Look him up. Some of you guys/gals out there who just got to owning a firearm for your own personal defense OR home, You need to go to a class to be informed of Your safety and everyones elses....and Your Rights. I'm not a big time gun person here, but what can I say, I bought my first gun a year ago, now I own three. Like "some" of you, you think just because you have a gun now (CCW) on your person that you're protected and can just go ahead and shoot somebody just because they shoved you; or, that one person who cut you off on the road and now both of you are out of your cars arguing, that now, you can shoot him. No, no, no. It does not work like that. There is more to it. If you went through all that of getting your CCW, please think about going to, if not home defense, then some other class related so you get the knowledge that goes with owning a firearm. Sorry if I sound like some gun person saying you better go, somehow I just feel like a better person now knowing I did something right for myself (and Family).
    I thought I knew and didn't. NOW I do. :D
  6. sambo42xa and all,
    I think you're probably referring to the NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home and NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home. I'm the Nebraska NRA Training Counselor (I train and certify NRA instructors) for both courses. Both courses are quite intensive, especially the Personal Protection Outside the Home. I highly recommend both if you carry a handgun. Take care.
  7. Gun people recommending training, retraining, more training?????? I thought you guys just owned guns and shot people and defenseless animals?

    Follow the Code my friends - responsibility is where it's at - we ARE great role-models and ambassadors. Keep up the good word (and work!)
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    I have the same view with Motorcycle Rider Instructional Classes. Friends and co-workers see me on my bikes and sees the fun I have, and then want to get one themselves. Of course, when it comes to the ride certification many opt for the corporate class that the state takes as an equivalent. I've been asked to go along on 3 seperate occasions for "Moral Support".

    Each time I have gone, I've learned something brand new that I've used on MY bike! Every chance to review what seems like the basic skills always opens you up to new techniques to improve your skill.

    Be it on a Motorbike or with a gun. Education is key.

    On a side note: The one thing I ALWAYS hear in both of these classes that I cannot endorse enough; Always think in the Defence. Anytime you get aggressive you start detaching yourself from the critical thinking process and from the training you have done to protect, not attack.
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    The only thing i didnt like about your post was the allusion to ayoob. If you ever met the man ( i have) he is an arrogant *** who will not listen anyone elses ideas and if you dont think the way he does you can get lost. I had a large amount of respect for him until i actually met the guy. what a letdown i can tell you.

  10. I cant stress it enough!!!!! I am waiting for my home "club" to offer the NRA instructors course so I can be a NRA certified instructor. I have been to most of the corses offered and I have been teaching weapons tactics for the military for the last 6 years on a daily basis... I have found that I love teaching and learning all I can when it come to my Rights and the Rights of others....

    It sounds like they put on a great course. Thanks for posting this and hopefully convincing others to attend a course like this in there area!!

    Here is a helpful site for those with a CCW.

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    I am not sure of the class that you have taken...
    I took my CCW class last fall/early winter, and it addressed all the things you talked about. Mainly, since you have a CCW, that does not ever mean you have a right to brandish, or wave your gun menacingly...Or even employed it at that.
  12. Before we go off subject some more, I believe the thread is about home defense in which a CCW would not be needed. You need to check the laws for your state concerning home invasion as some states require you to retreat if at all possible. If your state has the Castle Doctrine in effect like Florida, you have the right to defend yourself anywhere you have a legal right to be.

    As far as invading my home, I figure the perp has already figured the risks and is willing to gamble his life to be there. He did not break into my house to do any good for me. If he is armed, I'll drop him in his tracks. If he is unarmed, I'll citizen arrest him and call 911. I have plenty of zip tie "handcuffs" in my bugout bag.

    Most people that legally own firearms will admit that they would use them as a last resort. I, for one, don't sit in my living room wishing someone would kick my door down so I can use my gun on them. The taking of another humans life is a decision you will have to live with for the rest of your life. So, I believe that most of us would try to avoid that situation whether in or home or outside. If I'm away from home, I would try to back away from any situation first, but will defend myself if there are no other options.
  13. First off, My intensions were not to convince everyone (as someone sort of mentioned here) to take a Home Defence Class. I'm sorry if it sounded like that. I was just saying it was an informative class and I learned from it. By reading these post's day after day with people saying they just got their CCW etc., I'm wondering if they have taken some kind of course also and if they havn't, they should.
    Now, for CG-49 Plankowner, You said it just right in your post here. Perfect!
    Silicone Wolverine- Your comment on Ayoob I can understand. I do not know or have ever met him. The class had a two hour tape on him from one of his talks and to me was also very informative. If it were someone else on the tape, I would be saying the same thing about that person too.
    Terry Lane- YES, that was the class I took that You mentioned. I just signed up for May 3 & 4......which is Personal Protection Outside of the Home.
    Either way folks, everything I have said was not to offend anyone and were only My opinion/s and or suggestions. :wink:
  14. sambo42xa and all,
    You probably took the NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home course first because it's required before you can take NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home. Most instructors require that you take the NRA Basic Pistol course and the NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home before you can take the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home.

    sambo42xa enjoy and take lots of ammo. I went through nearly 500 rounds of .45 acp for the Colt 1991a1 Compact in the 16 hour course. The web of my hand and the thumb (safety) were a little tender near the end. The guys who borrowed their wife's or girlfriend's gun in 9mm or .40 or .38 ( :lol: only kidding, I've got and shoot them all, and wish I'd taken one of them instead of the .45, but that didn't stop me from razzing them) were less tender. You'll do strong side, weak side, hip, point, kneeling, prone, concealment, cover and low light. You might just have the opportunity to practice drawing from a concealment purse. In addition to the ammo, be sure to take a suitable holster, multiple magazines/speedloaders and suitable pouches and a suitable concealment garment. Take care.
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    whoa whoa wait a sec.... You said if someone is in your house, you draw, and they come at you, you cant shoot? So its better to get in a scuffle and lose your weapon? Sorry but if someone breaks into your house, knowing your home, and then comes at you, weapon or not, that is justified as far as im concered.. But alot of it prolly has to do with the state you live in.. Like in Kalifornia, you prolly have to be shot and stabbed at least until you start loosing concoiucnes from the blood loss before you can defend yourself.. And even then, hire a good lawyer and pray....

  16. It all comes down to the laws in your state/county... I know the laws for here in Colorado but they could be alot different in lets say Kentucky (just a example).
  17. Sambo,

    I wasn't offended and didn't mean to bash on you if that's what it felt like. Most of the time when I read these posts, I respond in a way to give everyone something more to think about. Having served 15 Years in the military, a lot of things are second nature to me. I was a Gunners Mate in the Navy and have a pretty extensive background in weapons. Also, I have been through an assault shotgun course with the marines as well as a 1911 combat course as well. I think you are right about a home defense class for people with less exposure to firearms than I've had.

    I'm cool with what you said and always appreciate the feedback. I'll be the first one to admit I don't know everything and value everyone's opinion on this forum. I'm just here to add more info and give everyone more "brainfood". Keep up the good work Sambo. Thanks.
  18. I'm kind of smiling here because I don't know what was even said?! IF You're refering to my first sentence, "my intensions were not to convince everyone.......(as someone sort of mentioned here)....". It was not even towards You at all (scratches his head :? ). IF that's what You're talking about.
    What I should have done in my OP in the first place was be more discriptive in the class I took. Instead I gave just a "bland" detail. Which ended up with me having to explain in what......3 more post's? No offense taken either way it's looked at.
    Guess I was just excited I took the class and couldn't wait to post something on here :wink: .
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    I remember when my CCW was going, we talked a superlong time about shooting for self defense and what you have to do before you use a weapon to shoot yourself. Im surprised how many people still think that they can just shoot someone or anyone in house on their property... cracks me up but its sad..
    You also don't shoot to kill, you shoot to stop the threat!

    We had some jury instructions and other law papers that were given to people so if you shoot to kill its your fault but if you shoot to stop the threat its a different story in front of the court. All depends on how you say things.
    I need to take some more classes though