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  1. Anyone know anything about these?

    "Harvest Right has built the only freeze dryer that is truly a home appliance. It is easy to use, small in size, and has a large capacity. The smart technology allows one to simultaneously place various types of food in the chamber, press start, and walk away. By itself, the freeze dryer calculates the necessary dry time and automatically monitors the freeze dry process to completion. This makes it easy to use, as well as convenient — saving you time, money, and energy."

    I saw an ad for them a few weeks ago and got very interested in one. They say it will do 2 gallons in 24 hours.

    But at $3,800 I'd have to have some way to justify it beyond for personal use only. Any ideas for that, keeping in mind everyone I know is frugal.

  2. Nobody? Or seen it on another forum?

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    I think for the money, and unless you are going to go into a small business that will pay for the freeze dryer, I would go with a dehydrator. Freeze drying takes longer to process the food and the equipment is expensive. Dehydrating on the other hand can take as little as 6 hours for a batch and the equipment is nowhere as expensive. Properly stored, dehydrated food will last 10-20 years.

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    I dig it. I might want one someday. Freeze dried removes much more moisture though.
  5. $3800.00 You can buy a nice 4000 watt solar generator for less than that.