Home made 995ts barrel shroud $5 from lowes.

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Kuhockey27, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Kuhockey27

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    Edit.. This shroud is strictly cosmetic, if not aluminum or metallic in construction dont shoot with it.. Fires are bad.

    Well here she is with my new home made solid 5inch shroud. Im waiting for my real ops gear shroud in the mail and i got ancy so i had to make my own in the mean time! Turned out pretty cool for an hour and $5.

    Used 10inch x 1inch 1/4 pvc (made two shrouds)
    And for the end caps i used 1inch plastic chair leg covers, they fit sooo snug into the 1 1/4 pvc it was practically made for this.

    I drilled 1/2 hole in center of both end caps, sanded and sprayed flat black! Wala..

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  2. Kuhockey27

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    And another..

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  3. Kuhockey27

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    Anddd one more

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  4. panoz77

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    Umm, MELTING :eek:

    Looks nice but less than even cosmetically functional.
  5. talon

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    it does look nice, but i agree, think if you fired more than a few rounds, its gonna make a sticky, smelly mess when it starts to melt.
  6. Kuhockey27

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    Thats why i love this forum lol. I honestly didnt even think of that until reading your posts, i just got impatient while waiting for my real aluminum shroud coming on monday, which i will post as well.

    I can safely say i will not use this with live fire, i was more or less curious how my carbine may look with a 5inch shroud in person.

    And i hope everyone who reads this will take the two veterans above advice and do not shoot your carbine with thisattached. Strictly cosmetic!

    Thanks guys.

    Can a moderator switch the thread title to state "strictly cosmetic 5$ shroud"?
    I feel dumb now.
  7. I wouldn't count on it melting, I use to have a full rubber barrel shroud, some weird piece I found in wood shop, think it used to be a spacer for something, saw it and immediately knew what I could use it for. Never had a problem.
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  8. Kuhockey27

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    Thanks for the feedback.. I would feel a little uncomfortable shooting with this shroud though due to the end caps are cheap thin plastic, with spray paint on them.. Flamable? Yes !
  9. SWAGA

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    It's not going to blow up in a ball of flames but I know the barrel of my JHP gets hot blasting at the range.
    It also depends if what you've used is a thermoplastic or thermoset.
    One will soften and melt and the other will not.
  10. Kuhockey27

    Kuhockey27 i love 9mm! Member

    I honestly couldnt tell you, i got the pipe in plumbing, i think its used a drain extension. I doubt its heat resistant.
  11. SWAGA

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    Well, go get a piece of scrap of the same material and heat it up!
    Hurry up, you have exactly one hour before Home Depot closes up :D
  12. undeRGRound

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    Don't waste the trip!

    PVC will get hot and deform, and even melt.
    We use PVC piping a lot in the electrical industry,
    and we heat it and bend it. Pretty easy to do, so...
    I'd not try that under live fire :D