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Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by pistolerowe, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. pistolerowe

    pistolerowe Guest

    today was the first day of my 5 days off that it wasnt cold and rainy,so i took the 995 to my little range at the back of my property.
    Man i love the smell of gun smoke.100 rounds done gone.
    The target was at 50yds,20 rounds from the bench and 10 rounds standing


  2. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    Aw, sweet. I would love to have a home on the range. :)

    Gotta love that.

  3. Are there any sweeter words known to man? Excellent shooting, and congrats on the property!
  4. Hope you got more ammo for your last 4 days!
  5. Nice shootin Tex. Must be nice to just stroll out to the backyard and blaze off a few magazines like that.
  6. pistolerowe

    pistolerowe Guest

    heck if the wife didnt mind i could just open the patio door.
    Realy though it is nice.Especialy(sp) when ive worked on something or just need to sight something in.
    Thanks for the replies