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  1. Placed an order September 8th with Homeland Munitions. At first they said there was a problem with their bank not wanting to do business with firearms related merchants, so they refunded my payment, I repaid. Then, weeks later, they say there's a problem with the powder they had loaded the ammo with, so now it's October 15th and no sign of ammunition. I thought Freedom Munitions had a long waiting period before getting what I ordered, but this is beginning to wear thin. Anybody else waiting on ammo from this or other suppliers for a long time? In contrast, Target Sports received an order from me yesterday and it will be here on the FedEx truck Friday.
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  2. talon

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    Never even heard of them.
    And never had any issues with Freedom.

  3. undeRGRound

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    Freedom did OK, but had a minor (stupid) question about my order.
    I had a difference between the Billing address and the shipping address,
    it was entered exactly right on their form and the payment cleared, but
    I had to play phone tag to clarify it :( I returned their call same day, or next,
    which was a day after the normal ship date should have occurred. So it took
    extra time, and shipped backwards from Idaho to Seattle, then east. But I had
    the ammo in about 10 days total from when the order was placed. Not bad,
    and the price was ~35¢/round for 10mm which is fantastic! :D
    I opened one box, all the OAL were the same, by eye, which is also good.
    I think it will be fine ammo, and a great price. Expecting ~1200 FPS which
    is 575ft-# ME with the 180 gr bullet! :eek: Very Stout for "plinking ammo!" :D
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    I googled up reviews on them. Seems your problem is rather common with them.
    Plus, if you do enough reading it may say in stock. BUT, it then says below in fine print this is a Pre-Order and will take 2-3 weeks. I imagine to just ship.

    Also, if you look at the big yellow box on every page labeled "UPDATE",
    Well, I would guess they have a big problem and you should contact them like yesterday. This is normally a very large flag of warning!

    Cheap ammo, especially manufactured by someone you know nothing of is a big risk.
    Even ones so called new manufactured ammo. I would get my money back as fast as I could. Just my thoughts on this outfit.

  5. It gets more interesting. The order has been showing as paid and awaiting fulfillment on their end, but today they sent me an e-mail that the order hasn't been paid for. Homeland just got a reply saying fix their accounting error or cancel the order. They had me as a customer, but even if they come through this time, it'll be the last time they get my business.
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    Makes me wonder if perhaps they are going Belly Up!
  7. In reply and update: Seven weeks since my order and I finally have a tracking number. Waiting for it to get to UPS. Their (among many) story is that they've been bought by another company and they've been working hard to get orders out. I wish I got to work that hard on my job. I'd have been fired the first week. Live and learn. I'll not try suppliers I haven't used before ever again. Now I have a phobia about anything with a logo that even looks like theirs. Homeland Munitions may survive, but this doesn't make it look good for them.
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    News & Updates: Homeland Munitions, L.L.C., has undergone some pretty amazing changes. MAC Defense Technologies, L.L.C. is the owning and operating company of Homeland Munitions, L.L.C. and all of it's entities. Along with this major change, the management and shipping executives have been replaced and restructured. These new leaders have been brought in from outside sources, with over 85 combined years of experience and proven track records. We believe you will see some pretty phenominal and positive changes over the next few weeks.

    Along with those changes comes a new website. (www.hmammo.com) This was done to provide a more user friendly experience, add improved contact forums, and generate a "virtual shop" that is as visually pleasing as it is visitng your local gun store. As with any new launch, there are some minor bugs to be worked out. Our "IT" department has given us a thumbs up for a resoolution of those "bugs" by Saturday, October 31, 2015.

    We look forward to serving our Homeland family and can't wait for you all to be a part of these exciting changes.

    What this means for past orders. All passed orders are currently going out the door and will be in your possession by Friday, November 6, 2015. You can still access your old profile to receive update information with the links provided below. In the mean time, check out our amazing new web shop.

    They have a new website too: www.hmammo.com

    42% off all orders, they have new ammo also, not just reloads...

    theyre 300AAC is 44-45 cents a round, new, so with that 42% off its awfully tempting...
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    Your links don't work for me. Just go to a blank white page.
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    Just type HMammo.com

    I tried it and it worked, its a little slow but it works.
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    I guess a little slow. :confused: I tried as you said even. Over an hour now. No load anything but a blank page. Got two windows up trying. Nuttin.

    No matter how cheap they may be, that sight smells! Not a place I will spend a penny with.
  12. Visper

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    Yeah, tried it today... nada... I have to agree. I was thinking about it just because it was soooo cheap, but not anymore.
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    Maybe with the new owners it will come around.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    you first............

    uNdieG all of Freedoms stuff goes to WA to the UPS hub first. Always has.
  15. undeRGRound

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    Website came right up for me, 11-1-15

    We can see if anyone takes the bait ;)

    m00na-d0g wAlkeN? :rofl:
  16. The ammunition I ordered September 8 made it to my place today, only nine weeks wait. Haven't shot any yet, but one primer from one of the rounds that fell out of the not really sealed plastic bag has a small dent in it and another round has a bullet with four small equally placed concave, teardrop-shaped divots around the edge. Never have seen that. Maybe it works like the dimples on a golf ball? It doesn't matter if the ammo shoots well: their business practices have lost me, despite their continued promises to better next time. Fool me once...
  17. Outlaw

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    I've they've got your money, you may be in trouble.
    If you've got your money, just walk away :foilhat:
  18. Sorry to reply to my own reply:eek: I fired some of that 9mm crap today and had some so weak the spent cartridges wouldn't push the slide to work the extractor, some so bad I took apart two different guns to make sure I didn't have a bullet stuck in the barrel, one that went fizz like a popped primer, some normal pressure, and a few higher (think NATO) pressure rounds. When I switched to Blazer brass, no more problems. It was like someone had let an eight year-old load ammo. Homeland sent me an email stating they are quitting ammo sales to the public. Supposedly their new story is that they "have been awarded a contract," whatever that means, but they're trying to foist off the ammo they have left with a discount code of LASTSALE15. I still have some .380 ammo from the one and only order with them and I dread seeing how it functions (not.) Wow, live and learn.
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    There are other cheap ammo places out there! But if a price seems too good, it is probably junk ammo. The old expression is still true today.
    You get what you pay for!
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    I'm going through the same thing with homeland. I ordered Sept. 13, 2015. I've been given the run around the whole time. Yesterday I got fed up and requested a refund. Luckily I paid through PayPal. I think this company is a sham. It's a shame they are still in business! Good luck getting your merchandise or refund!