Homemade Forward Grip For 995 Carbine...

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  1. I have had several inquiries from here and other boards pertaining to the forward grip on my 995 carbine. I thought it best to have a posted explanation to direct people to, so here it is...



    That forward grip started life several years ago as the factory forward grip on a Tippman Custom 98 paintball gun... It languished for a year or so till I got the idea to try and add it as a forward grip to my 995. First I took the grip and filled it with low volume expanding foam. This was an attempt to give it a more solid feel as it is hollow plastic in construction. Then I took a 3/8 drill bit and bored a hole through from top to bottom, trying to allow for equal foam around the axis of the hole. I then took some epoxy and went around the seam. Once the epoxy had dried I sanded it so that the seam was rounded and smooth.. That finished the grip its self..

    To mount it, I disassembled the carbine and found a place in the stock where I would be able to pass a 5/16" bolt through without interfering with the design of the two piece stock too bad. After drilling the hole through the stock I trimmed a large 5/16" fender washer so that it would fit snugly down inside the stock. Through this washer I passed a 5/16" bolt that was just a bit longer than the assembly. Onto this bolt I placed another unaltered fender washer, the forward grip, a regular washer, and finally a nut. I tightened this up and finally put a few drops of super glue on the end of the bolt and let the glue flow down the threads. My final step was to mask off the carbine and touch up my new forward grip with several coats of black spray paint...

    There ya have it.....
  2. That looks cool... How has that affected function and feel of the 995?

  3. haha nice! I thought that grip looked strangely familiar...it should, I shot a 98c for YEARS
  4. Looks good. How does it feel? It seems to close to the other grip. But I'm sure its great for close quarters and quick movements.
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    Definitely a nice home job, I would have guessed that as a real aftermarket accesory. Do any companies make an aftermarket grip comparable to this?
  6. It seems to make it point easier. By that I mean the grasping of the forward grip feels more comfortable than the traditional manner of grasping the forearm of a long-arm.. It also helps in the accuracy department, I think. Having two guaranteed repeatable grasping points on the weapon allow for "muscle memory" training with my 995 (it is my secondary bump in the night weapon). Not that there is anything wrong with the traditional rifle grasp, I it has it's merits... The vert. grip also allows for positive engagement of the flashlight's push-button switch at the rear of the light.

    This mod serves it's purpose. It has taken a beating several times and held together admirably... The only draw back I have with it is that it is essentially a permanent part of the weapon. If I were to improve the set up I would attempt to mount a section of picatinny rail along the bottom length of the hand-guard and use that for the grip...
  7. of course it will hold together. Its jerryrigged from Tippmann parts. Everybody knows they're just like AK's. Only thing that'll break it is an atom bomb.
  8. Ok so I am really late on the draw when it comes to this reply...I missed it somehow... The forward grip is relatively close to the pistol grip but there were really no other options in the design of the stock that allowed for placement of a fender washer and the bolt pass through.

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    Since I have been part of this forum, I have found a funny phenominom. In all my time as part of a paintball (woodsball to be specific) web forum, I have seen a lot of people use airsoft parts and real gun parts to "mil-sim" their pb guns. Now here, I am seeing people use pb and airsoft gear to mod their firearms. It's almost poetic in a way...
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    I knew exactly what that grip came off of as soon as i seen it, I just recently sold my 98 custom.
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    And I went to the trouble of adding a picatinny rail and a promag forward grip to mine :p

    Looks good.