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  1. moona11

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    Evil is the team leader on the Honor Guard. She has a Funeral for a former employee so I make these boxes for her to present to the families. They really appreciate getting them. And it doesn't take much to make and polish brass for a family. Its the lest I can do.

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  2. undeRGRound

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    Nice memento to place on the mantle.
    I'm sure the families will cherish it forever.

  3. EvilE424

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    We usually try to put an agency coin in there but sadly we were all out for this funeral! Moonz and I buy the boxes, velvet and coins and present them to the family with rounds that are fired from the funeral. They are always grateful for the box, rounds and a flag (depending on their service and cause of death). Moonz does a great job with them and we have an engraver who does their end of watch plaques for us in record time too! You can't see it in this picture but the plaque has the words "duty honor country" then the deceased name and end of watch date.

    As a team leader I do the presenting of the flag and the above box/rounds during the funeral which is tough if you are really close to the deceased - this last funeral was rough! That final salute to the family yesterday ended with the family saluting me back. Tough job but its worth it to ensure that their loved one is honored appropriately and the family knows that we will never forget them!
  4. Dane

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    I lost my 92 year old WWII veteran step-dad last year. Spent time trying to locate a Honor Guard for his funeral. Last minute a elderly retired group of veterans was located. They weren't perfect, but their presence meant a lot.

    Thanks for the service you provide in the HG!! :)
  5. SWAGA

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    Back in my day I was 'volunteered' once for a military funeral.
    That was pretty rough.
    It takes a special kind of person that will freely volunteer to do that sort of thing.
    Whether you know them or not.
    Hat off to you guys.
  6. tomtull

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    My hats off to you all
  7. MaryB

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    I could laser engrave them for you if I can have enough advance notice to fit it into the schedule. No charge!

  8. EvilE424

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    Thanks guys and gals!
  9. sarahsmom

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    Yes, God bless you for what you do.
  10. talon

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    Had to do a military funeral right after we returned from our Gulf cruise. Was for my best friend who died horribly and painfuly onboard our ship because the quarterdeck refused to issue a medical emergency over the PA because there was an awards ceremony going on, on the pier and the duty chief wad afraid hed get in trouble.
    That SOB got a healthy demotion after the fact, but that's here nor there.
    Was tough for sure to carry the coffin and even harder to sit thru the ceremony.

    I can't imagine volunteering to do it.
  11. moona11

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    I couldn't do it. Its hard enough to read about it let alone standing in. I did it once and never again. Going to the funerals is hard enough. E is my hero. Always always was and always will be.
  12. undeRGRound

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    She is your ROCK. :)
  13. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

    ...so I hear ;)
  14. USMC_VET

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    If or when my knee heals from total knee replacement I'm going to join Semper Fi one which is a USMC Honor guard for Riverside National cemetery here in the IE of Socal
  15. histed

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    Two things, E. Wish you'd been around when Dad died - a Korean War vet. Couldn't find an honor guard, just my uncle to present the flag to Mom.
    Second - No words - "Thank you" seems pretty trite.
  16. When my Dad (a service connected disabled WWII vet) passed away, he did not want to have a flag or honor guard. He was a God fearing and humble man, known for his philanthropic efforts both locally and abroad. He simply did not want any hoopla.

    When I went to the funeral home, I was stunned to see his casket draped with a flag, and it must have shown on my face because the funeral director immediately came over and said, “You have a friend in your church who leads an Air Force Honor Guard, and he read in your Dad's obituary that he was an Army Air Corps Veteran. This man was here earlier today, making sure that your father is properly recognized for his service to his country.”

    Although it was contrary to my father’s wishes, it was an amazing gift. As executor of the estate, I overrode my sibling’s objections that this was not what Dad wanted. I told them “This Honor Guard drove over 100 miles to be present. Dad would be humbled by this act of generosity. The flag stays, and the Honor Guard stays.” I have never forgotten them, and the flag sits in a presentation case above my desk.

    Moonz and E, than you for what you are doing. It means a lot, perhaps even more than you know. You have my admiration and my gratitude.
  17. Bull

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    My Grandpa on moms side drove landing craft in the Pacific theater during WWII... He died a few winters ago, and I felt humbled and honored that he was laid to rest with an honor guard present....
  18. sarahsmom

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    My dad had an honor guard at his funeral, too. Very humbled, honored, and proud all rolled up together.
  19. FlashBang

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    When my father was buried at Arlington there was a full Army Honor Guard. They accompanied the casket from the hearse to the grave, did the salute volley and presented the flag to the family. I'm also authorized for burial at Arlington, but I plan to just be cremated quietly.

  20. undeRGRound

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    So, guys and gals, that mean we only have like 50 years to change his mind!
    Send your PMs and Letters and gifts, to

    123 Big Bear St.
    Bastrop TX

    Cheer Up Big Guy! :D