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  2. I have not seen any graphs or stats on police killings, but I fear it will not stop. I mean ever. Thing is, criminals hate cops, and vice versa. I have a feeling that this is a primarily media-driven event. More coverage sort of saturates it.

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    I will check but the numbers are up for cop killers this year I believe, E has all the numbers
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    Most of what I've read says numbers aren't really up much at all compared to last year, if they are up at all.
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    Media driven, for sure. I'll wear the tinfoil hat :foilhat:, but the media started this with the big hype over LEO's shooting "unarmed" blacks, part of His HighnA$$'s program to create as much tension as possible. Cops are part of the oppressive white establishment and, therefore, fair game seems to be the message. Y'all LEO's here keep ya heads down, hear?
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    Its you doing it????
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    For perspective, that is 64 in 2014 vs 27 in 2013 or:

    0.000000853% per capita in 2013 (27 out of a population 316.5 Million)
    0.000002006% per capita in 2014 (64 out of a population 318.9 Million)

    So, while yes, there has been a "statistically significant" increase in the number of LEO feloniously killed from 2013 to 2014, when compared to the population of the U.S., the total, in either case, is not statistically significant.

    In other words, the U.S. is remarkably safe for pretty much every one here, including LEO*.

    You know what has increased very significantly year-over-year? The number of news stories about murders by and of cops.

    In conclusion, this is a Media Driven story-line, much the same as was the "increase" in Road Rage Murders of 5 or 10 years back when there wasn't really that much of a change in the number of incidents but the number of New Stories reporting the events jumped dramatically.

    Peace favor your sword,

    *Yes, LEO do interact with criminals more and are more likely to suffer criminal assault than the average citizen. It is a tragedy any time anyone is murdered.
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    What really needs to stop is the mass media's tacit and active support of those who actively call for police to be killed. Unfortunately, when the extremists come out and say that the police had it coming, many in the media say that they are right to a certain extent. That is what needs to stop.
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    Police officers are actually pretty unlikely to be murdered on the job, statistically speaking. It's more dangerous to be a garbage collector or a bartender.


    Police are also much safer now than they have been in the past.


    It's a media spectacle. It gathers attention. Just like how every time some loser decides to shoot folks in a public place, it's all over the news as a "mass shooting" to call for more gun control.

    Personally, it all seems a way to justify more militarized and heavily armed police and a less armed populace. They keep pushing that we can't be trusted with guns because of "mass shootings," and that police need to be heavily armed and have more broad powers because of a "war on cops," and suddenly you have a very powerful government with a very weak populace.