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    Yeah so i bought this hi point 995 carbine from this other guy who gets them from the police that were seized or whatever.He gets them as parts guns because they are to destroyed, so as to the instructions he removes the receiver than destroys it selling the other parts giving a portion of the money to help the police. So i got a a complete 995 minus the receiver. So i figure i'll give hi-point a call to get a price on a new receiver. No dice, told me they couldn't sell me a receiver stating it was against atf regulations for them to sell one to anyone. Now this is where i just don't get it because, i know they sell brand new receivers for ak's, fal's ect. Why would a small carbine be different from assault rifle. Yeah well at least i got a bunch of parts. i didn't pay a lot for it anyways 20 bucks. just a little disappointed i cant get the part. Rant over
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    They cant sell the receiver directly to an individual due to atf regulations. That part is the same with ak's and ar's and so forth. However, if they wanted to they could send a receiver to you through a FFL.

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    I asked if they could send it to a FFL dealer. but they told me it was against ATF regs. To be honest I got the impression that they didn't want to sell the receiver though.
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    i guess since they have a lifetime warranty on parts, there is no need for a receiver since they'll repair/replace everything on it.
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    if you could get ahold of the original serial number they might stamp you a new receiver w/ the same # as your old one was 'damaged'. expect to pay for a new reciever if they go for that though.
  6. My guess is that you are SOL on this one. Maybe you could find a buyer for the parts and get your money back.

    Maybe some one that wants to experiment with threading the end of the barrel or whatever

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    Well maybe if you buy a whole complete 995 you can use what you got their as a parts gun. Hi Point will NOT replace that part under warrenty as it is considered the gun itself. Sorry but it's no dice on that part but if you don't want it sell it in the classified part of the forum and get some money to help you buy a new one
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    Ok. Be gentle but heres a Q&A

    So say I buy his parts just for POOPS and giggles.

    I have a perfectly good functioning 4095.

    So I mate the 995 BBL to the 4095 stock Then Load 357.

    Will this work?????

    DEAD seriuose guys what is the take on this>>>>

    All yhe info needed for a dumb question but with a Idea.
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    It will not work.