House Broken Into...Almost

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  1. I got a phone call while I didn't have my phone one me while at work. So I checked my voice mail. I had a message from the security company saying that an alarm had been tripped and police were being sent. So I called my wife who got the same message and home we went, hoping the dogs had set off the glass break. Well we get home, no police around so thought it was a good sign. The first thing I do is tell the wife to stay in her car at the end of the driveway while I pull up and walk around the perimeter of the house. Window by window, door by door I check the house. When I get around the back of the house, I see a place on a window where the paint had been chipped away and a crack in the paint line where the previous owner had painted them shut. The lock was still intact but blinds here tattered to hell and the window was a mess of smears. The bushes below it were smashed up. No entry, but an obvious attempt. The rest of the windows were normal with the exception of the front nearest the driveway where the blinds were also tattered all up. All of the dogs were kenneled except the great dane, Diesel. Apparently what happened was as soon as this would be thief had started to work on the window, he was greeted by a very irate and large dog. Diesel had made a mess of the blinds and window, most likely putting the idiot on his rear end smashing the bushes up. I'm guessing the barking and ruckus he made set the alarm off as it's one of those sonic detectors that supposed to only be triggered by the sound of glass breaking, but is a little too sensitive, good in this case. He probably also messed up the front blinds when the cops showed up to do a walk around. Proof positive that a big ol highly protective dog who is a goober 90% of the time still knows how to do his job.
  2. There is no way to calculate how many times dogs have save our buts.........

    I hope you gave that dog a steak as a reward (or in his case, a half beef :wink: )

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    Cool. Glad they didn't get in. There are few things that leave one feeling quite as violated as being robbed does...
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    that is very good news. By the look of your mutt, I think he deserves his own cow.
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    +1 on the dog.

    and +10 on the Great Dane being a goober 90% of the time.

    I have one as well. Goes from looking very regal to being a total goofball in an instant. They are a hoot. Total lap dog, and as in you pic - they take up your lap and the rest of the couch to boot! :D LOL! He's also practically afraid of his own shadow, but if ANYTHING comes close to the house he goes nuts...along with my St. Bernard mix. The two of them are enough to deter anyone.
  6. It's a good thing dogs are just dogs. Can you imagine that beast waiting in the kitchen..... "ok hot shot, just a few more cranks and that window's gonna open, you're gonna step in, take a few steps, and your butt is mine!!!!"

    Congrats to you man, and Thank God (and the pooch) all is safe.
  7. Funny you say that, after the ordeal was over a little bit ago, I went to the fridge and pulled out a serloin left over from last night and took him outside and tossed it to him. He's galloping outside playing with a toy right now.
  8. Geezus he looks as big as your (wife?). I thought that was two dogs at first lol.
  9. Yes that's my wife, and yes he's a big ol boy. After his steak dinner he's walkin around like he's king of the world.
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    Thanks for sharing your story Taurus, I wonder if the police took a vandalism/damage report? Maybe not if you weren't contacted.

    I'm going to put Camp, a chesapeake bay retriever, in the house when I go to work, and let him and Furbie, a pomeranian, guard the house while I'm gone. They get along and all, but Camp is "fixed" and Furbie is not... Let's just say it's funny and sad seeing a Pomeranian punk a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
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    Glad it worked out for ya!
  13. Let's see a cat do that (deter a burglar) Ha.
  14. Glad you didn't get broke into Taurus, good job on you four legged friend, they don't call them mans best friend for nothing :)

    I count on my dogs to let me know someone is close, then its my job from there.
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    I lost my Merle Great Dane 2 yrs ago and 6 months later I lost her 1 yr old son. That took all the wind out of me I'll tell you. Even with the 5 other dogs I have I'd latch on to another Dane in 1/2 a heart beat. As you said Taurus they are big ole gubbers that hog the couch, sometimes give you space in their bed at night, and can smell out a treat anyplace in the house. But god they are Regal and wonderful friends. And when they are at play they are clowns..
  16. I know what you mean. would you break into a house with this staring at you through the window?

    ok, well thats not teh best example, but he's about 85-90 lbs worth of dog and just to give you an idea, thats a queen size bed he's stretched out on in that picture. here's anoter picture to give you a better idea of how big he is. when this picture was taken, he wasn't full grown yet.
    nice thing about it is, I haven't had a jehovahs witness come knocking on my door in about 2 years (he stays outside during teh day, and curls up on the couch at night.