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  1. As you can guess from the title my house burned down some years ago. After sifting through the ashes (literally), I think I have found most of the pieces to my 995. Of course, since most of the gun was plastic very little is left. I have the barrel, the firing mechanism (with a blob of melted Zamack still attached) and the outside case cover. I know this is a long shot, but do you think Hi-Point will honor the lifetime warranty? I mean, we've all heard the horror stories of what some people have sent in for warranty (like fished up from a river, lake, etc.) Well, this is one of them.
    My second problem is I live in the People Republic of California. Now my local FFL gets in Hi-Points all the time and they have the silly grip wraps on them. If I pay the extra for a grip wrap or if I can have the gun shipped in pieces to my FFL do you think they'll do it?
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    They’ve done it before.

    Call mom and see what they say. Talk to your FFL for advice on local law.
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    Word direct from Strassel is that IF they warranty it, it will be a brand new firearm to your FFL requiring a new BGC.

    They got their ting ting slapped by the ATF for swapping old S/N's to new, replacement firearms.
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  4. Sorry about your home burning down. My guess is Hi-Point won't be able to ship the replacement firearm into California but I would ask a Federal Firearm License Dealer in California about this. It's worth spending the time to find out.

    I had a friend that just left California and moved to Texas. Being a legal gun owner there is very difficult. He told me he just registered to vote in Texas. I believe he is also going to vote for Trump in the 2020 Presidential election and if not he will likely vote for a Libertarian. He is as right wing as I am. Good luck.
  5. Not a problem there. I just bought some guns so I know I'm good.
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  6. Not worried there either, my FFL gets Hi-Points all the time and has told me there should not be any problems.

    Believe it or not, not all of California is left-wing nut jobs. If you look at voter maps you'll see most of everything north of Sacramento and anything that has mountains or desert in it is pretty hard right. In my county (Calaveras) 3/4 of the population voted for Trump. The left just far outnumbers us in the cities (like what recently happened in VA). Let's hope that on March 19th the court case to remove the CA AWB happens (with the same judge that struck down 10+ round magazine ban).

    I think I just hijacked my own thread. :bounce:
  7. I used to live in northern California. Around twenty years ago (man I'm getting old) I left with my wife and we have no desire to ever go back to that state. Looking at the state I feel very sorry for conservatives who live there as they will never win again with the "ballot harvesting" voting fraud and the illegal aliens they have voting there. Good luck on getting your 2nd Amendment rights back. I am also hoping your magazine ban (any other semi automatic bans) and the Colorado sixteen round and higher magazine restrictions on citizens get ruled as unConstitutional.
  8. @Mythfit they replaced this with a new 995TS a few years back. They had to ship it to an FFL. If you can find a serial number I'll bet you'll be good to go.

    Burnt Hi-Point 995.jpg
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  9. I'll tell you what, mine don't even look that good. The barrel's not even attached to the receiver. And the Zmack (sp?) literally is a blob around the bolt. Other guns went up in the fire. I hope I have the right pieces.
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    Can you supply a photo for the HPFF infamy crispy category?
  11. Here is what I have found. It's not a very good picture. I'm pretty sure that is the bolt (because of the melted zmack). The trigger mechanism was found with it and since there is no plastic trigger left I had assumed it was the right one. None of my other guns had plastic triggers. All the other parts are from the 995. 20200223_225801.jpg ...and yes, it was one of the old "monkey guns" (always loved that term).
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    Yea. the barrel shroud was a dead giveaway.
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    The 995 really doesn’t have much steel in it besides some small stamped parts, the barrel and sights, barrel shroud and the receiver cover. But I don’t recognize those two pieces on the right from a 995. Unless they were imbedded in the receiver and bolt? Do you see any serial number?
  14. upload_2020-2-25_19-45-21.png

    I don't recognize the part I circled.
    I believe the on the bottom right might be the receiver? But not sure.

    Here's a pic of a 995 receiver. Not much to it.
    995 receiver stripped.jpg
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    I thought the receiver and bolt were mostly made of Zmac except for a couple of steel inserts for the threaded charging handle and on the bolt face connected with steel runners underneath the bolt.
    Maybe they have some steel bracing inside?
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    Did yours have a recognizable serial number?
  17. Look at the pic I posted of the receiver on post #14. That shiny spot with two rivets? That be steel. The rest is Zamak.
  18. Main S/N was obliterated. A second S/N on the receiver was crusted over but was visible after it was cleaned.
  19. Then from what you just told me, and that the reciever is mostly Zmack, then the receiver's gone and the receiver pictured is from one of my other guns.
    The fire was the hottest that our fire dept. had ever experienced (25k+° by the fire dept. report), most metals melted. It was so hot the aluminum engine block melted in a VW Vanagan that was in the garage. The 15k rounds of ammo and 7 kegs of gunpowder also hampered the fire dept. ability to do anything so they literally just stepped back and watched. 12 guns went up in the fire. I still have not fully recovered and have a mild form of PTSD from it (nightmares and such). I thank G-d that my family and most my animals made it out alive.
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    HI! Retired FF, Chief Officer, and NYS Fire Investigator here. That report is complete bullshit. The metal with the highest melting point is tungsten, and it melts at 6,200 F. Aluminum alloys will all be melted around 1,300F. White Phosphorous burns at around 5,000F. The average house fire runs between 1,000 and 2,000F, depending on the fuels being burned. In the chamber, smokeless powder only reaches around 2,700F. Outside the chamber, it burns much less effectively and doesn't get much hotter than 500F.

    2,500F is a more plausible number with the fuels and accelerants you've mentioned, but still on the very extreme high end of the heat scale for a common house fire.

    Doesn't make it any less devastating for a personal tragedy, and I'm sorry you had to go through that.