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  1. Curious if anybody has had experience with Houston Holster specifically for a Bersa Thunder .380, its a paddle injection molded retention holster...

    Just wanted some info... Thanks
  2. I bought one a few years back when I bought the Bersa Thunder 380. At the time it was the only kydex type paddle holster on the market for the BT, but now Fobus makes one too.

    I had some issues with the Houston and still do. The inside of the holster is treated with a flocking agent, to reduce finish wear on the gun, but it comes off over time and does not help any concerning the release of the pistol. I had BIG issues with the entire holster coming out with the gun until it kinda settled in a bit. Now it releases the pistol about 90% of the time on first pull and the rest requires an additional snatch or two to get the gun out. There is no tension adjustment on the Houston holsters, so you have what you get in terms of retention settings.

    If you can get a Fobus I HIGHLY recommend them instead of the Houston. I was not pleased with my Houston and the only reason I still have it because the place I bought it from went out of business before I could take it back for a refund/exchange. I rarely find a product that is really disappointing, but the Houston holster for the Bersa Thunder 380 has definately made my list of DO NOT BUY items.


  3. Thanks, I saw that it was not adjustable for tension and basically the felt lining looked cheap and I assumed it would come off and wear on the gun's finish...
    Thanks Rimfire!
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    It is a bat holster, covered with the same stuff the batmobile is covered with LOL