Here is a bit about myself and why I bought my first gun the Hi-Point C9 9mm. I am 26 years old, I have had a tough up bringing with my younger sister and brother, my childhood was fun, happy, and safe, but the struggles for food and housing were way too much for my mother.

I met my beautiful and wonderful wife and we had two gorgeous boys. I have been happily married for three years. We came home after dinner one evening to find that we had been robbed; someone broke into our home through our bedroom window and stole all of our savings I had hidden in the sock drawer, as well as our flat screen and several other valuables. They destroyed our home; it was devastating for us all. We made a police report, but there was no suspect found and we had no description to even give.

That's a main reason why I got a gun, to protect my home and my family. Ever since I've owned my Hi-point C9 9mm, I've been looking at websites and found the forums here.

I signed up right away, and I have read about and watched tons of videos on self-defense/ home safety. Until I came across CWP training, for a concealed weapons permit. It is a $120 class to help you understand the rules and safety of a handgun or any other firearm. They also have other multiple classes and deals. This class will also teach you how to clean, hold and safely lock and put away your gun's. Also to prevent accidents from happening.

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(My C9 with aftermarket grips, photo by Bernard Leighton)

I have posted a few pics of my first Hi-Point and how I customized it just for fun. Most of what i did was very cheap as well, I started by taken the slide off and cleaning the gun thoroughly then I took sandpaper to the block and barrel of the gun using a 600 grit to remove the black paint and give it a more chrome look, then 1000 grit sandpaper to smooth it out, I applied a metal polish for the shine. I also polished the feed ramp for a little less friction, and added grips (thanks eBay) to help round it out.

Finally yet importantly, my favorite thing about the Hi-Point, thanks to a friend I met on forums, is the aluminum trigger called The Joey Trigger. I purchased one of my own and I absolutely love it.

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(With Joey installed and barrel treated, photo by Bernard Leighton)

Just because you have a gun; does not mean you cannot have a little fun with it, just be safe. Like going to the range, hunting, self-defense, collecting (which I now do), Etc... it has become a main hobby of mine. That is why I joined the forums. I have purchased a Smith & Wesson SD40VE and it doesn't have a safety on it so I keep the mag empty at all times in the house and locked in its gun case (two kids at home, remember).

Then there is my Ruger SR45 cal., which is my newest gun. I call him Big Daddy. It looks just like my Smith-- just a little bigger. Therefore, my advice to everyone is to take a class like the CWP training course. The website has all the information you need It is really good for first time users, it definitely made me feel much better about having guns in the house around the kids, knowing what I know now and how to use them, holding them professionally made me feel less nervous but not careless.

At first, I was nervous with it until I got to shoot it at the range.

"Better safe than sorry," I would say.

The right to bear arms is your second amendment! Guns are for self-defense, home safety, recreational use, hunting, and defending liberty.