How about a newbie room?

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & Help' started by Mumbles, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Mumbles

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    I love this forum, read it two or three times a day! My only problem is, being fairly new to guns, many of the posts sail right over my head. I darn sure don't have any info to offer either, I feel like a kindergartner in high school.

    It would be great to have a "newbie" room for us that are still wet behind the ears. Put in a bunch of stickies that every beginner should know about Hi-Points or guns period. Everyone has been fairly helpful as far as answering questions, but I have also seen several posts that tell you to search for yourself before asking. I have even asked a couple of questions myself that went unanswered.

    Surely someone on here would love to take the newbies under their wing and keep us out of the "line of fire" until we are a little bit more sure of what we are doing.
  2. Thayldt21

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    I think that is a great Idea.

    For example in pistols section sticky the Feed ramp polish and Mag lip tweek. Also the cleaning steps or lack there of.

    And in the carbine section the bolt on mods as a failure with one of these is very uncomon.

    Just My thinking of a good suggestion.

    OK. Primal get on it. JOKE, JOKE.

    Calm down we all know that Taurus is due for his part. :lol: :D 8)

  3. elguapo

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    Guys...I agree with the intent, and message that would send...but that puts a label on anyone..and I for one HATE labels. This had been brought up in the old forum, and I said no, and still say no to it.
    Let me back it up, by saying, this is like a campfire...lots of people here, some know more than others, some do not. You are still here, and it is alright and perfectly ok to ask questions. Not everyone was born.....doing anything they are good at. Its the hierarchy (damn,hate that analogy) of shooters, but in this, NOONE is going to diss anyone for asking a simple question....
    I still believe, no matter your experience, but your level headed approach to just man up and join, and ASK questions, shows your intent on being a better firearms owner, and or shooter.

    Just my .03 cents (Its three, due to inflation and rising ammo and gas prices)
  4. Thayldt21

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    I see your point and raise you 1 cent.

    I forgot about the links section that does have some mods. Not to mention benny and his Buisness.
  5. Everyone on HPFF is equal in their own right. When you start labeling people is when you run into problems. Sorry, I don't think this room will ever be created.
  6. The campfire analogy is a great one. Come have a seat, man up, ask away and get all the support you need with no reservation. I had to do it and it's a great feeling having some of the LE's, and military and seasoned owners take you under their wing.
  7. Mumbles

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    OK, I don't have a problem asking the stupid questions if you guys don't mind answering them. :lol: Suggestion withdrawn. Now that I think about it, maybe just a FAQ section and maybe a glossary of terms that everyone could update? For example, it took me quite a while to figure out what a BUG was. You do a search for BUG and you find BUG but not "back up gun". Follow me? Anyway, bear with me, I'll get the hang of this soon.
  8. vallen

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    I think noobs are fine in the general forum. while i have lots of firearm experience, I'm rusty in some knowledge, lingo, HP specific info, etc. everyone seems very cool to enlightenment.
  9. Dude, we got cha. And I can say that cause they all have me. Rock on.