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An area for just videos-personal or links from the web. I saw the "Pistol Grip" vid in the "links" section today(awesome BTW). I thought more people would be encouraged to view and upload/post vids if there was a specific section for it. I've seen most of the vid links and posts on our previous site...all by accident mind you :lol: But I realy enjoyed most all of them. But most of the time, they seem to come up in a few unlikely places. Some were entertaining while others informative.

If a "vids" section might be to broad, there could be:

"Firearms - Insructional / Demonstration / How-To Vids"
Which would have the aforementioned Pistol Grip vid along with demonstrating ATI stock assembly, personal shooting demos or field strip various weapons for cleaning.


"Non-Informative / Entertainment only(NSFW)"
Which may show current event news clips, taser vids(a must) or people handling weapons like idiots (the last might be a "how-to not" vid though), or my 1st 25 yd 2 inch group.

Basically, this could save us the trouble of posting, "Which clip had that awesome kick to the groin and head explosion combo again?"

...To which one would reply, "It was in page 17 of the Tech Tips.' " Or in an area I wouldn't think to look for vids.

So I'm kinda shooting for a quick and easy way while I'm at work...er at home and definately off the clock, to hit the forum and see new vids and view related posts from our members.
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