How bad is my C9

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  1. Thoughts on the attached? This is about 175 rounds after I received it back from the factory. Shooting cheap Federal and nothing else.

    Total round count is just under 1,400 rounds

    I own 4 other pistols and none of them look like this on the bottom. Does it need to head back to mom?

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  2. There are no slide rails on a high point handgun. The slide operates totally on the dolls head and the slide riding the barrel. It just appears your slide is riding/rubbing on the frame, which should not affect it. This is the same thing as the peening marks on a glock slide, they show up after being shot, but then reach a point where they wear no more.

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    I'd put a teeny bit of synth grease on those shiny bits and not worry about it. ;)
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    Ok was it like that when u sent it in if so then more than likely it is ok since MOM goes over it with a fine tooth comb and replaces anything and everything that looks out of place or worn if not then like Walkingwolf says just wear marks off the new parts they already replaced and will be fine just add some lube to it.
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    The cracks in the pieces along the firing pin channel concern me a bit. You might email mom with that pic and see what they say.
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    I don't have a HP handgun so, I am just playing the devils advocate. But one of the rails along the firing pin channel looks broken not just cracked. I agree with ajole, I would have that checked out, can't believe that is common. If I had a semi-auto hand gun with that much wear after 1400 rds, it would be back to the Mfr or junked.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Does anyone have an email address for MOM?
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    That bottom rail on the firing pin channel is broken.
    Send it back in and you'll get a new gun back.
    And that's why you have a Hi Point, life time unlimited warranty.
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    Well at least a new slide.
  10. "Bump" for an email address for MOM
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    Fwiw mine was polished like that new from the factory.
  13. An update. I have spoken with Hi-point 3 times now and each time they instructed me to send the pictures to them and "Ron" would give me a call.
    I have sent the pictures 4 times now and messaged them several times on facebook and yet Ron has not gotten back to me.

    A very different experience this time as compared to last time.

    Lousy customer service this time
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    Quit beating about the bush and mail it in.
    There's a crack in the firing pin channel rail or whatever it's called.
    I'm sorry you didn't get a reply but they probably get hundreds and hundreds of emails and phone calls a day.
    Send it and it will be fixed, promise.
  15. So no problems sending it in without them anticipating it? I'll box it up and send it to them

  16. have that picture printed and send it with the gun.
  17. Shipped it out on the 13th. It came back to me on the 23rd with a new slide, firing pin and spring. Also says they reamed the chamber. They also included a new magazine, ghost sight, lock and tool

    Very fast turnaround and very good service
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    You just saved yourself a painful lesson and your firearm from a KABOOM when you inspected it and then asked your question.
    Have fun breaking it in.