How bout a Star Firestar 9mm

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  1. mudflap91

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    I have the chance to swap a rod/reel combo for a very good looking Firestar 9mm in starvel finish. It comes with 3 clips, original case, foam insulated carry case, and around 50 rounds of ammo. What is everyones opinion of this gun? I could take pics of it if necessary.

  2. screwylewie

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    Star handguns are IMHO the best made you can get. They are very solid weapons that are made of steel. I own several stars including a firestar in 45. I have put at least 10,000 rounds out of it without a single breakage of any part. The firestar is a very fine weapon, it is compact yet very accurate.

  3. griff30

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    I had a Star .45 and I can attest to what screwylewie said. damn fine piece. I sold it for college. Wish I had it back. Stainless 7 rounds and I had ectra 10 round mags. It fit my big hands for such a small gun.
    Best part was the takedown, very easy.
    Now it makes me want another.
  4. mudflap91

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    Thanks for the replies. With all that I have read and the positive input from the here, I think I'll trade for it. If the weather holds, I should be able to go to the range. I will post a report and some pics soon.

  5. Huggy

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    I snagged one a few years ago, the shop had a .45 too, and I'm still kicking myself for not getting both.
    I love that little shooter, but parts,and mags are getting really tough to find, so the 3 mags is a nice bonus.
    If you take it apart for cleaning, DO IT IN A BOX/BIG CLEAR BAG/BLASTING CABINET!! This thing has a few tiny parts. I detail stripped mine for a good cleaning, and found out that the left side grip is the only thing that kept the safety lever from being bumped down. the safety detent pin is friggin tiny, and shot over my shoulder. I was on hands and knees looking for it for an hour, tried a magnet... nothing. About a year later I found it by accident, after I had given up, and GFd a replacement.
    There is a PDF of the factory manual here if you need it.
    This guys site rules.
  6. Ari

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    I have two stars and I like them. As far as I am concerned a firearm for a rod a reel is a no brainer. But then I do not fish :wink:
  7. Their gonna trade you a Firestar 9mm for a fishing pole? I hope you jump all over that, thats a great deal and a great gun.
  8. freedom

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    I'd see if I could shoot it before I bought it. But it reminds me of my Astra A100. And that is one fine shooting gun. 10 plus years and never a problem.
  9. That DOES sound like a good deal!
  10. What is your rod and reel worth? I know they can go from wal mart cheap to morgage the house to buy one.
  11. griff30

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    He's getting the gun 3 mags, 2 cases and ammo.
    I don't see a down side.
    Now I do remember my stainless Star M45 being very heavy. very concealable but make sure you get a damn sturdy holster!
  12. Ari

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  13. mudflap91

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    Well, the rod/reel was bought new for around $450 last year. Tried to sell for $325 but didn't get any bites. I aquired 2 better reel and rod combos so I didn't have much need for it. Fishing equipment is like guns- a full spectrum of prices.

    The weather was crappy today so looks like I have to wait till next weekend to go to the range. The trade is contingent on me liking the gun after shooting. As best as I can tell though, its a win/win for both of us. I have it at the house now, so I'll take some pics hopefully tomorrow.