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    i run into a buddy of mine just 15 min ago at a station gettin gas. we use to shoot and coyote hunt with each other quite a bit before his job change changed all that. anywho i told him about my c9 that i purchased a while back and how much i really like this pistol. he told me he has the 40cal hi-point that i sold him a few years back and said he would sell it back to me for 75 dollars!! if memory serves me right i sold it to him for 100. i would have bought it from him right then but he was on his way to work and the pistol was at his house. so saturday i am going to snag it back.
  2. Dude. Thats awesome. Good job on that sweet deal.

  3. cool, i wish someone will sell me a hp 40 or 45 for a hundred bucks.
  4. cool, i wish someone will sell me a hp 40 or 45 for a hundred bucks.
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    I would buy it back.
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    well i went yesterday to pick up the hi-point and when i got there he decided to keep it. i was kinda mad but at the same time i knew i didnt need it anyway. he just got finished shooting it when i got there and he didnt want to part with it.
  7. that sux. this past saturday i was at a gun show and found a .45 hi point brand new selling for $290. i was like wtf but then i realize that compared to the other guns there that was still cheap. i paid $189 plus tax for my c9 in january and i thought that was a decent price.
  8. Wow :!: the gun show in Nashville, TN last weekend (4/5 & 4/6), the .45's were selling for $175 - $185! The local gun store has a C9 with plastic case for $170 + tax.
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    I just got my jcp40 for 140 nib. My dealer only charges 20 bucks over his price. Of course after tax, nics, and shipping, it was about 170 otd. I am very satisfied with the gun though.
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    The local gunshop here sells the C9 for 138 OTD all day long. Or till they run out. That was as of three weeks ago, so may have gone up.