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    I have a PA-63 Duo tone and I want to make the black slide match the Alum. frame. Whats the best / easiest way to do that? :confused:
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    The slide is steel, the frame an aluminum alloy, they'll never quite match, although I guess you could polish both to almost chrome look?

    Supposedly, soaking in vinegar will wipe out the bluing, it will look (and be) rusted, so you wipe and scrub and brush to clean off the rust, dry it well, then protect it somehow, otherwise it will rust again, very quickly.

    Really, your best bet is to paint the slide, durakote or cerami-whatever.

    Well, your best bet would actually be leaving it alone, or painting the frame to match the slide, but I guess that's not what you want?

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    The best (and easiest) way is to have it professionally coated. The cheapest way is to strip the slide prep all the parts included yourself in a color that will match the match silver aluminum frame.

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    When I tried vinegar it left a patchy result and I wasn't happy with the strip job. I ended up using hydrochloric acid which is in toilet bowl cleaner. It did a very good job of stripping but I left it in too long and etched the metal. It gave it a very porous feeling rough surface which might actually work very well for a coating system like dura coat.

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    I just bought me a pa 63 also and thought about striping it. not because duo tone but engraving on it. Seen some that people polished the slide but not sure how they did it.
  7. Elbow grease. I had a polished avenging angel, started out blued. I just used vinegar and then steel wool. I didn't get any rust with the vinegar, but I kept an eye on it. I have put the barrel and cylinder on a case hardened frame so at some point it is going to be rust blued.
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    The "easiest way" is to have someone else do it. ;)
    Doing it yourself and getting good results will require that you really take your time and pay attention to detail. The most important step, and the one that people goof up the most, is surface preparation. The surface has to be fully prepared, clean and degreased or you will end up with less then optimal results.

    Aluma-hyde works well, but will require just as much surface preparation as any other option. It also is not heat cured, so it will take longer to fully cure to the point where you don't have to worry about nicks or scratches.

    Refinishing can be fun and very rewarding when you obtain the results you want.... or it can be stressful and a PITA when it goes wrong.

    Good luck and let us see your progress as you go.

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    Ekim if you don't mind me asking what did you give for your pa-63? I paid $100 just the gun and one mag. Looked all over for mags but to high for me. I finally found one for ten bucks at a gun shop in a box full of old mags.
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    Got it new about 4 years ago $169 with one mag. I've got 5 mags now but haven't paid over $24 each. Mag prices are stupid high now.