How did he do this?

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    whats was involved?
    is that a regular sks?

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    If he altered the firearm from a semi to a full automatic and gets caught with it he will go to jail.
    Otherwise he has to get a FFL license of some kind. If that is not what you are talking about.

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    ...or he is pretty good at doing bump-fire from the sholder.

    Eithercase ammo costs too much to waste it like that :)
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    Nope, that's definitely NOT bump-firing. But we don't know if perhaps the gun was a full-auto before 1968, so it MAY be legal. It may also be a dealer-sample. It really bugs me when people automatically assume that it's illegal just because it's full-auto. That's simply just not true.

    Anyway, Laubert, you don't want to go converting anything to full-auto if you're here in the U.S. (or a lot of other countries for that matter).

    Licensed individuals are the only people allowed to make F/A weapons, and the ones who are licensed, don't need to ask how it's done ;)
  5. I don't think that there were ever any standard SKSs made as full auto, thats one of the reasons why the AK won over the SKS.
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    Doesn't matter. If it was in the U.S. as a full-auto before 1968, it's legal. Factory configuration doesn't matter.
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    Only if you have a license, and even then it depends on your local and state laws. I cannot, legally, own a fully automatic firearm in any shape or form without a licenese in New Mexico, regardless of when it was made. Some states won't even let you own one if it's assembled (Iowa comes to mind for some reason), but you can own the parts.

    And for the record, the SKS was designed as a semi-auto rifle.
  8. Not only if it was here before 68 but if he got it registered before the 68 amnesty. If it wasn't put into the registry before then, then he is SOL.

    Just because a gun was here before 68 and was full auto doesn't mean it stayed legal after 68 if they never registered it.
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