How do I build this Hi-Point carbine?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by RidgeRunner, Aug 4, 2014.

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    1st post here.

    I was going to buy a Beretta Storm Carbine when a friend suggested this set up for a Hi-Point carbine. He showed me this video. I want to build that gun.

    Can all of you help me with the following?

    What rail does he have on top and where can I buy it?
    How do I attach the top rail?
    What bottom rail does he have and where can I buy it?
    How do I attach the bottom rail?

    I plan on buying my first Hi-Point carbine. I know that he has an ATI stock and Magpul sights.

    Is there anything I should be aware of before purchasing these products and altering my Hi-Point carbine.

    They look like they are a ton of fun to shoot?

    BTW - where is the best source to buy magazines for it?

    Thanks for all your help!
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    Welcome Ridge!
    These guys are one of the manufacturers that make rails:
    We have a sub forum for optics right here in the carbine subsection.
    Spend a little time reading and ask away!
    Lotsa guys here tricked out their carbines.
    I don't think that ATI stock is still available.

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    That is the ATI proline stock. There is a guy right now on the forum trying to sell his Proline stock with optics for $120. I built this one a few months ago, very similar?

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    The ATI stock is designed for the older model 995. The new 995ts will not fit without some modification I believe. The cheapest place for mags is the hi point online store. Welcome btw. Hp carbines are awesome!
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    The stock is the ATI stock. it only works on the 995, but you can find plenty of older ones floating around. Because the stock is 3rd party, Hi-Point's warranty does not support it. It's designed to mimic the appearance of the Beretta CX storm of course. Though it only comes in black, so you'll have to paint it yourself or have it painted. It supports the standard 10 round carbine mags, that should come with the carbine. You can get more at While you're there you may want to consider the better supported, and more affordable TS stock (assuming you just don't buy a carbine that already has the TS stock installed) as it's also quite stylish, and comes with 3 rails already installed (top, bottom, and under barrel).

    The rails I believe someone above linked to. As the video mentioned the flip up sights are made by Magpul. They can be found most anywhere. They're standard flip up iron sights for a picatinny rail. Make sure you shell out for the real ones, not the less expensive airsoft or "training" sights that are also magpul branded but not durable enough for use on a firearm.

    Welcome welcome to Hi-Point. Their carbines are awesome, fun, practical and affordable. You won't regret grabbing one up.