How do I upload pics?

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    OK, in order to atone for the egregious sin of not having posted pics of my 4095 immediately, I took a couple of shots and am prepared to post them. However, I'm not familiar with the procedure for posting pics on this forum.

    If some kind soul would enlighten this grasshopper, I will gladly post my pics and beg forgiveness of Th' Gunny! :mrgreen:
  2. hi there. you need a hosting service first - as the site doesn't "store" pics.

    go to, and create a free account.
    upload your pics
    after uploading, you'll see 4 boxes below each pic - the last box is the one you want. When you click it, it will automatically copy the text

    go to the forum, create your message
    where you want a pic, "paste" the text you copied from photobucket
    repeat this for the number of pics you want

    check the size. if you want smaller/larger you can change that on photo bucket too.

    Good luck! Ask more questions if you need to, it's easy once you figure it out the first time.

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    Thankee kindly, Newskate. Now, another question - how do I post a larger avitar? Do I use the same procedure?
  4. You can........... put "larger" pic on photobucket. Click on the pic to "edit" it, and you'll see a resize button. Resize it to avatar file size.

    The memory size of the avatar may still be too big for the site to host - no problem. Back to photobucket - the second box, is called direct link - click it to copy the text.

    Now, back to forum, open your profile. In the LAST box on the page, it says link to offsite avatar, or something like that. PASTE the text you just copied into that box. You should be good to go.