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Alright I feel I need to have a say in this. I am constantly being called paranoid for answering the door with my pistol behind my back, having it by me when nobody is home, and having it with me downstairs at night when everybody is sleeping. However, you guys, especially with some of the things I've read in other places on these forums, are beginning to scare me with your paranoia. There is a point when your being safe and a point where you are being WAY TOO paranoid. Now, all that being said, I am in NO way, shape, or form bashing any of you at all. I keep venomous snakes, do you guys have any idea how many times I've been called nuts? :blink: I'm just putting in my personal opinion. :angel: Not trying to tell any of you to stop carrying in your home, but man some of you guys are paranoid. :D
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