how do you do the crayon thing ?

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  1. fattie

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    i tried to fill in the lettering with a white crayon and made a mess. am i doing something wrong ? how did you guys do it ?
  2. unclerob

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    Here is a post on this forum of a really nice job using a tiny bit of paint.
    Not exactly what you asked for, but it is worth a look.
    He explains how he did it too.

  3. They make a special crayon for guns to fill in the lettering. You let it dry and then wipe off the excess with mineral oil. Comes out looking pretty good,

    I do not rememer what gun site I got it at, it worked really well on the carbines and good on the pistols
  4. fattie

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    oh ok , i tried it with a crayola lol. i just used some of my break free to get it all off. i guess i like it better all black anyway , thanks guys
  5. BSK

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    that looks pretty neat in white
  6. Dreamthief

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    I've seen white out used as well.
  7. masfonos

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    Guys over on RFC do it with white or red Crayolas all the time. Maybe works there because it's a smooth surface with the imprinted letters.
  8. I have every color available in the Lacquer Sticks from alot better:

    Hi-Lights Engraving, Stamped #'s And Names

    Highly specialized compound wipes on to bring out stamped or engraved impressions on ALL smooth surfaces. Ideal for guns, parts, accessories. Semi-solid in stick form when used, but soon hardens and becomes permanent.

    SPECS: 4-5/8" (11.7cm) long. Red, White, Gold, Black or Silver.

    Catalog page 275
  9. I have used white out on my XD which has a smooth surface. It looked good for a while but wore off to soon for me. I don't think I would try it on my Hi-point pistol.
  10. Thanks Joe, that is where I got my white sticks from. I could not remember to save my life.

    I wish I could take close up pics good, the sides of my carbines look really nice after using the sticks, and it stays on very well.

    I also used it on my Hi Point pistols and my MN's and Mausers.

    Defnitly worth the couple bucks a stick, and one stick goes a long long way. I did 2 HP carbines, 3 HP pistols, 4 MN's and 4 Mausers with one stick and still have plenty of that stick for anything else I may want to do.
  11. I used nail polish on mine and that really good
  12. Yup, good stuff the best way to do it...lasts forever....

  13. mrgrinch233

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    I used crayola green on my SW MP40 after I media blasted the slide and its been on there for well over 2000 rounds. I heated slide with a blow dryer and rubbed crayon and wiped with a rag.