How do you get MOM to let you pay for a screw up u

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  1. I have lost a spring 2X and it was totally my fault. How do I get to order something and actually pay for it?
  2. rickm

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    Find it online somewheres else and order it. lol


    Although this does not go to Mom, and I think we all understand that your intent to to pay Mom for great service... you can likely find what you want here.
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    You could just buy something else from the accessories store. Spare mags, new grips...whatever, as a way to increase their profit.

    I tried to pay for stuff...there's no way.
  5. thundercroozer

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    Not gunna happen.
    I came across a beat up 995 couple years back, called MOM for a new firing pin, spring, dolls head and trigger spring, recieved them in about a week.
    Three or four days later I recieved the same order agian, called MOM to get return instructions, was told not to worry about it, to label it put in my parts box, that I may or may not need them in the future.
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    Love mom and the other site posted.
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    +1 on this answer. Best way to help 'MOM' back. or even buy something you don't need from there and pay it forward here. :)
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    Buy a hi point shirt and hat from mom. Wear them when your going to the walmarts and give her free advertising. That should more than compensate for the free parts.
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    Like this one a lot.