How does work?

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  1. Anyone know? get a few hits here and there from But yesterday my new website, got
    hits from :shock:
  2. wow, never used it, pretty cool sounding though.

  3. stumble upon is a firefox extension. You install it, create an account, and tell it what topics you are interested in. When you hit the stumble button it takes you to a site that fits your interests. Sites are submitted to the service by other users clicking the "I like it" button on their stumble bar and providing some basic info about the site. The interests are as varied as guns to pr0n to politics and photography.
  4. The weird thing is, my more established website has only had 91 visitors from Stumbleupon since March 22, 2007. But Pro-2nd has had 694 visitors from Stumbleupon since December 19, 2007.

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    sounds like a good place to put a link to milsurpstuff.
  6. That's the one that's only had 91 visitors from Stumbleupon since March 22, 2007. :?

    Maybe since I'm trying to make money with MilSurpStuff, it doesn't send people that way very often.
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    sorry. I meant the pro-2nd site would be a good place to have a link on it for milsurp.
  8. The way stumbleupon use generally is I'm not at all suprised that pro-2nd got a lot more hits. generally users only tend to hit the "I like it" button on stuff that they really feel strongly about, not things like stores or webretailers unless the link is to a particuarly neat/inteiesting/cool item on the site.
  9. Somebody must like it, I just checked and there are 1,170 hits today from stumbleupon. :shock:
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    sounds like you need to get a deal with some gun companies to put their ads on your site. lol.
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    With election season upon us, I'm not surprised by the 2nd Amendment site getting a lot of hits.