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  1. Someone posted asking for a first gun for his wife; after much debate, it was settled on getting her a 9mm. now the question: which one to get her? Here's one of my responses after debating GLOCKS, Sigs, etc.


    Well, there's one particular firearm that hasn't been mentioned yet, and I'm probably going to get blasted for this, but have you ever tried shooting a Hi-Point? They have an awful rep if you listen to most "gun snobs", yet meet anyone who actually has one and you'll usually get nothing but praise.

    A 9-Comp can usually be found for $100-$140, is very low maintenance (just brush and pad the bore/barrel every now and then with a little CLP, no field stripping required), has an unlimited lifetime warrant (call them and tell them you purposely lit it on fire, ran over it with a truck, and mailed the frame to Qatar and they'll say "no problem, we'll repair or replace it), and has great resale value if it's not to your liking (I believe in putting my money where my mouth is; if anyone here can't find a buyer for a 9-Comp in good condition I'll give 'em $100 for it FTF at a mutually convienient time).

    It's a great starter gun for someone to own; they have their own pistol and you can always get a "higher grade" gun later (GLOCK/Sig/Para/Kimber/etc.). That, and they'll eat any ammo you can get on the cheap as well as being +p+ rated.

    Do a little research; if nothing else it makes a good truck gun or a backup gun if your main piece ever has to go into the shop.
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    Good technique, but i don't have a C9 as of yet to try and convert anyone to get one. :( should not be a problem in a week... :lol:

  3. I just shoot the C9 after which time they start to ask questions and then I offer to let them shoot it.

    A few guys at the local range now own C9's :D
  4. My wife likes to shoot my C-9 and whenever we go to the range, we always let someone else shoot it if they ask about it. The same goes for the 380comp and the JHP .45. Primal shot my .45 at the range and was quite impressed with it. He might even buy one!! :wink: :wink:
  5. i never want to convert any one to the HP. HP is hard to find at my local shop as it is, i don't need anyone else dip in this pot.


    seriously HP are great but i found that people are dumb. won't listen, won't believe, don't even want to try even when i offer. well "f" them all. i know my c9 is good shooter and i save money for my ammo which allow me to go to range every weekend.
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    Yeah just remember All HiPoints are junk....
    That way we can buy them.....ALL
  7. Dude, it's not a question of "IF" it's more a question of "When". Right now, I have my sights set on an AR, just in case Obama gets in and tries to push an AWB through Congress. Then in order, it's the 4095, HP .40 S&W, C9, 4595 and .45.

    The only reason I want the .40 cal HP's first is cuz I have tons of brass for a .40 and no .40 to shoot it out of.... Lame, I know....

    Oh, and give my regards to your beautiful wife and thank her for her gracious hospitality. You guys didn't have to buy me supper, and I know I bored ya'll to tears talking about the military stuff. Regardless, I am grateful. I really need an 8mm Mauser right about now, and some steel plates at 547 yards to "TING"!