How is this scope for a 9mm carbine... firefield laser scope.

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    1. I like the features of this scope, some say it won't handle the recoil of a Ar or larger rifle, but I thought maybe it would be ok for my 9mm carbine. Anyone used one? Academy sells these for like 80 bux.
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  2. Rachgier

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    Links to the scope? I'm feeling lazy...

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    Shootin a 9, with no more bang than it has, it seems youre not gonna go past 100yds so I would think any 3-9 30mm would get the job done.

    80 bucks almost sounds like a lot to me. Just pick up a Simmons for 40-60 bucks.
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  4. Seems a decent scope, but 10x on a 9mm? Ehhhhh. 1-4× usually is plenty for a PCC out to 200 yards if punching paper.

    As for the recoil..... well heres the official take from some brands;

    Gas operated systems are usually more forgiving on scopes due to lower recoil, while blowbacks are way more abusive on scope mountings, depending on type of blowback. Simple blowback like the Hi Point carbines, and many open bolt SMGs can be more forceful on recoil due to the mass moving and springs involved. Delayed blowback using lock cams, roller cams, or tilting bolts, can be somewhat gentler on scopes, BUT here is where the problem gets complicated, it also depends on the cartridge pressure levels. For the main pistol calibers used in carbines, most rifle scopes will be just fine on them, as would most pistol scopes. The cheap ones that are designed for .22lrs, airguns, or paintball guns are not going to stand up to the 9mm cartridge power levels, so be careful. Some companies just rebrand airsoft clone scopes for .22lr and some people buy them for their 9mm carbines and find they dont work at all.

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    Firefield=junk. I have one the scope is OK. It's on my 4595 The laser adjustment screw stripped out day one. I didn't buy it. It came on a virgin rifle. A friend has the scope you want. The laser worked at the house. The switch took a shit before he ever went to the range. These are common complaints on Amazon.
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    Yea Trashy, you got the Amazon part right. Amazon quality on many items has went way down hill lately. Too many foreign sellers using counterfeit items for me. I have nearly stopped buying Amazon lately.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    The things that went wrong on mine were complaints on the Amazon reviews. I had no choice like I said it came with the rifle. My buddy bought his from Sportsman's Guide. Of course they are Chinese. I also go a Firefield red dot green dot. I mounted it on a 4095 and haven't used it yet.
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    It's a 10x40 with a laser sight.

    I'm not a fan of laser sights on rifles except for certain limited applications and I'm having a hard time finding a good reason to have both laser and magnifying scope, never mind both in one unit regardless of quality.

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    Ewww (guess I need to find a puke/sick smiley, now that I'm in charge again).

    A laser on a scope just doesn't jive with me either. A laser with irons is one thing. An IR laser on an NV scope works too.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Hey Kirk did you read this? "Had problem getting laser to sight in, adjustment screws strip out easily. Pros: Scope works very good. Cons: Laser does not adjust easily or at all." Straight from Optics Planet.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    The laser on mine is stuck (bearing in mind it's mounted on the left) at 50yds to the right of the cross hairs by 3".
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    I read your complaints here on HPFF. I didn't read any reviews of the product because I think it's 99% goofy and have nearly 0% personal interest in it.

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    I can make a case for a laser on a carbine which is intended for very close use, such as in-home defense where you may not shoulder and cheek-weld to get a sight picture or don't want a red-dot. High stress, close range, and adrenaline dump will often allow people with less specific training take a very threat-focused perception. In that case a laser sighted at 25-50 feet makes a ton of sense. Past that...

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    I like both ideas together, but prefer a green laser over the red. Up close or quick shots use laser. Farther out use cross hairs.