How It’s Made: The 3D Printed 1911 Pistol

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    Not sure how many of you have read about this.

    "The original 3D printed metal gun, which debuted back in November 2013, made headlines when it became the world’s first handgun produced using additive metal manufacturing technology. The .45 caliber pistol has since fired over 4,500 rounds without failure and continues to prove the strength and accuracy of laser sintering technology for mainstream applications."
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    Makes sense. I have a pocket knife by Boker with a sintered Titanium/ceramic blade. It looks and feels like metal to me.

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  4. Thats pretty cool. is there some advantage to being able to make one from a 3d printer or regular manufacturing?

    Assuming that the 3d printer required to do this is very large and costly
  5. Yes it gives the people a way to circumvent gun confiscation and tyranny. Otherwise probably more expensive than CNC, but less mechanical skills required, except final fitting.
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    If you can run a 3d printer you can run a cnc. They are doing the opposite of each other. One takes a whole and subtracts the other takes nothing and adds to it both reach the same total and requires about the same finishing
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    Except 3d printing doesn't generally achieve the same strength and material characteristics as machining does, and takes longer. It's sintered metal, which isn't as strong as cast or machined metal, and it's not heat-treated, so you'd have to do that after it's printed.

    It's a cool tech, though, and it's really exciting that they can 3d-print metal now! Especially since the advantage of 3d printing is that you can form literally any possible 3d shape with it.
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    Class in college I took had a 3D printer in back. Some other class used it. Took for to make some thing. Was cool to watch build up little by little.

    No suprised when gun first came out. Figured sooner or later.