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How light is your AR?

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So, here’s the deal. I’ve got a few KE Arms polymer lowers. But I really don’t have a light upper. Or at least, I didn’t have. Recently I ordered an “ultra light” Bushmaster barrel, got a Strike Industries hand guard to replace the round carbine style that came “free” with the barrel, and tonight I put them all on an upper.

The thing weighs 3.8 lbs with a bolt, CH, A2 flash hider and a tritium SeeAll sight on a riser. The KE Arms lower is 1.77 lbs with the buffer and spring in it. Total weight is 5.69 lbs, with a full rifle stock. Sling, mag and ammo will add some, of course.

It feels like a toy. I’m really excited to see how it shoots. But now I need another KE arms lower! It never ends.😩
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Great topic, how did I miss this... too late now but i will weigh a few this weekend. Curious myself. Of course I will have to include pics... are we talking 16"+ barrels or do AR pistols count?
16” barrel, any stock or brace.
My A2 sized rifle stocked polymer lower is what I’m using, I’m not sure my aluminum carbine lowers are any lighter, but I’m going to weigh a few this weekend.
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