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How light is your AR?

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So, here’s the deal. I’ve got a few KE Arms polymer lowers. But I really don’t have a light upper. Or at least, I didn’t have. Recently I ordered an “ultra light” Bushmaster barrel, got a Strike Industries hand guard to replace the round carbine style that came “free” with the barrel, and tonight I put them all on an upper.

The thing weighs 3.8 lbs with a bolt, CH, A2 flash hider and a tritium SeeAll sight on a riser. The KE Arms lower is 1.77 lbs with the buffer and spring in it. Total weight is 5.69 lbs, with a full rifle stock. Sling, mag and ammo will add some, of course.

It feels like a toy. I’m really excited to see how it shoots. But now I need another KE arms lower! It never ends.😩
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Nice! My stepdaughter's 27" pencil w/ a 3-9x scope but w/o the Chasspot bayonet fixed is just over 8 lbs, IIRC. Rifle + 3" gas, LW carrier, no weights in the buffer. Just got a fold AR, need to put it on a diet.
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