How long for a C&R?

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  1. I sent in the paperwork a bit before tax day and the charged me on 4/21 but I've heard nothing since then. And I NEED a bunch of C&R guns!!!
    So for you folks who have one how long did it take?
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    Never got the envelope opened... couldn't bring myself to do it as of yet.

  3. Mike_AZ

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    I sent mine off in mid-march and it came in the mail earlier this week.
  4. Ahhh, the US Government in action. Well guess I won't worry for a fer more weeks.
    But I have such a list of guns :(
    Not to mention several friends who are asking nearly every day "do you get it!?"
  5. Mailed in my application on 4/23 and the license was in the mailbox 5/15. Give them a call, they're pretty nice to talk to.
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    mine took about 90 days, give or take a few-give them a call
  7. i was going to get one as well....let us know how it turns out.
  8. Oooh -- C&R issues! So:

    If I get a C&R, it's good only for the address on record; if I move, I need to reapply. Hence the question:

    Does the second application take as long? Do I have to pay another fee, or is it transfered to my new address? To sum things up: I wanna know what to do when I have a For Sale sign in front of my house. Sigh. Which I do, right now.
  9. Well I'm closing in on 90 with no C&R! Man I need that thing. The list of guns keep growing.
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    sent in my app on the 1st of june, talked to them last friday and they told my that i should expect it by the 6th of august, from what they said some regions are quicker than others, just depends on the field office
  11. [quote="Carpe_Jugulum
    Ahhh, the US Government in action. Well guess I won't worry for a fer more weeks.
    But I have such a list of guns :(
    Not to mention several friends who are asking nearly every day "do you get it!?"[/quote]

    I hope your not planning on buying 'extras' with the intent of selling to these 'friends' ? That usually falls under the heading of 'straw purchase' and is illegal. With the C&R, you can buy all you want, selling is a grey sort of area. You can only sell with the 'intent' of improving your collection. Buying 3 of something, with the express 'intent' of selling 2 of them to someone, thats a no-no. Buying 3, keeping the best, and then selling the other 2 after a period of time, thats ok, as long as you don't do it too often and get the attention of the BATFE. You can buy and sell quite a bit actually, but it cannot appear that you are doing it specifically as a means of income, and you have to keep accurate paperwork on all purchases and sales. Most crufflers usually keep something they bought several of to keep the best, a month or two before selling. Heck, tell your 'friends' to apply for their own license. Mine paid for itself on the first order. I know what you mean about the list. When I sent for mine back in 2001, I printed out pics of each one I wanted. I have all but 2 from that list. 1 I decided I didn't need, and 1 way too costly. You'll love and hate the license. My bank account has stayed bruised ever since I got it.
  12. Nope but my understanding is I can do transfers for friends. Also the paper work I got says it's only a no-no if you are making it "a substantial source of income"
  13. OK upon further thought how would it be a straw purchase? I have to keep detailed records on every transfer, if they came and wanted to see the records and I went "oops I forgot to write it down" then sure but as you have all the info that seems silly.
  14. Nix on the transfers. Only an 01 FFL can do a transfer.

    Like I said, its a grey area. A straw purchase, as I understand it, would be if a friend wanted me to order a gun for him, ie. ordering with the express intent of selling it to him. Now if I buy it initially for my self, and he see's it a week later and talks me into selling it to him, thats legal. That is as long as he can legally purchase firearms....

    Oh, I don't think the 'oops, I forgot to write it down' would sit too well with them either. They are picky about paperwork.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but there are those who abuse the system. Just wanted to pass some info, food for thought. You might look over at the Parallax forum and read a bit there. Some of those guys have had their licenses 30-40 years, and really know the ins and outs of C&R. I learn something new every time I visit there.
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    My understand is that you can buy guns for your collection, and you can sell guns from your collection to your friends, but you are not allowed to buy firearms with your license on behalf of your friends. I.e. if your friend asks your to pick him up a Mosin for SOG you aren't allowed to do that. A C&R does not make you a firearms dealer, and only firearms dealers can do transfers for other people.
  16. OK 2 questions
    1) How do I confirm it's legle for someone to have a gun? I thought the forms and # you call were for ffl01 only

    2)Is it ok for me to buy 3 nagant pistols with the intent of only keeping 1 but having the the other 2 incase at some point I can trade them or if they jump in value like say the SKS did after my buddy bought his for $90.
    I'm not ordering for person X but I'm not really ordering for personal use either
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    1) It is the same as when you do a private sale (because it is) you can't transfer to a person you know, or should reasonably should know that is prohibited.

    2)that sounds perfectly legal to me

  18. I'd say Mike_AZ is right on both points.
    (1)If you sell to someone you know, then you should have a good idea whether or not they can legally purchase firearms. Selling to someone you don't know, you have to take an overall look at them. Do they seem shady ?, do they have a valid drivers license ?, etc. Failing that, there are a lot of dealers and pawn shops that will do a transfer, including the call to NICS, for a fee. A lot of states require that for private sales. If your unsure, go the transfer route and get the buyer to pay the fee. If the buyer hedges over it, then he most likely can't pass the NICS check, and you probably should not complete the sale.
    (2) Thats sort of what I described. And perfectly legal. I did just that with a group of MN model 38's. I bought 3, so that I could keep the best one and dispose of the other two. Sort of a backwards way to get around the 'hand pick' fee some dealers charge. I kept all three for several months, then when the market flooded with them, I gave then to my sons for Christmas. Logged the disposition info in my bound book, with all the addresses, DL, etc.

    So, hey, have a great time with the license. There are a lot of superb milsurps for sale. Your wallet will never be full again !.
  19. So still no C & R so I e-mail the Bureau Fun since it's been over 100 days here is the response:

    Thank you for contacting the ATF’s Federal Firearms Licensing Center (FFLC) with your e-mail inquiry.

    Your license was issued May 21st. I have verified the address and reprinted the license. It will go out in today’s mail. Please advise if not received by next week.

    I hope this has been responsive to your e-mail inquiry. Thank you for allowing the FFLC to assist with your inquiry and/or concerns.

    But I thought you also were mailed a packet of rules and such seperatly and I also never got that. Makes me wonder if it really ever was mailed
  20. If it was indeed mailed, if makes me wonder where it went and who got it.
    Not that anyone could use it I suppose, but you never know.