How many 995's and 4095's were/are made?

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  1. Does anyone know the numbers of these carbines?
  2. I asked this question in the previous forum. Someone actually linked some goverment firearm manufactures numbers web site. It showed the number of handguns and rifles manufactured by each company, but it did not specify how many of each type. Don't have a link to that site though.

    But I would also be intrested in finding out.

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    I found figures for one year 2003 and the total for carbines was just over 7000. I thought I had posted this, sorry for the delay. The oldtimers desease must have kicked in :)
  4. I posted the link to the ATF on the old forum. Interesting stuff. Don't forget to look at hi-point and all of its partner manufacturing companies, Beemiller, iberia, and haskell.

    Total Hi-point stats. Includes Beemiller, Iberia, and Haskell manufacturing
    carbines- 14,600
    .380 pistol- 18,700
    9mm pistol- 51,600
    .40 pistol- 11,100
    .45 pistol- 17,400

    carbines- 15,200
    .380 pistol- 26, 400
    9mm pistol - 50,170
    .40 pistol- 10,800
    .45 pistol- 14,300

    carbines- 7,310
    .380 pistol- 27,000
    9mm pistol- 54,150
    .40 pistol- 7,320
    .45 pistol- 13,500

    Carbines- 19,990
    Didn't feel like looking up pistols:wink:

    In 2005 Kimber produced 47,820 pistols. In that same year total hi-point pistols produced(all calibers) was 98,800.
  5. That is interesting indeed. I had no idea Hi-Point had such a large production volume. My respect for them as a manufacturer has risen.

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    Why is it do you think that the number of carbines sold each year is dropping? I personally think they should redesign the stock and make an AR-15 clone of it.(or something close) That certainly couldn't hurt sales. JMHO.
  7. I used to think the HiPoint 995 was a butt fugly critter in its factory issued stock, but after actually shooting them I had a change of heart and now own one. Hats off to Beemiller Inc for producing such a fine work of art.

  8. I have never thought of any of the Hi Point weapons as ugly or beautiful, but as weapons.

    They serve me well in their factory form and I love them for that.
  9. HiPoint is probably the largest US manufacturer of center fire pistols. Many of the other US mfgs. have rimfire production numbers to pad their totals.
  10. even with thier .22 production baretta still produced over 30 thousand fewer pistols than hi-point in 2005.