How many bullets will this make? Pics

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    I would think more than 4000. Weigh it and subtract 20% for clips and slag. 7000 grains per pound, so you get 56 125gr in a pound.

  2. OK I did the math and it looks like 150lbs would make 8400 bullets. WOW. I think the 150 is being possibly on the heavy side but hey gives me a good reference for me
  3. Ok just got it weighed. the small bucket was 60lbs and the big one was 110lbs.

    170lbs of wheel weights and I have more coming tomorrow!!!! Looks like im going to be really busy when I get my molds!!!!!!!!

    Should be in the neighborhood of 8000 bullets with what I have right now!!! for right around 150 dollars. that is not to bad in my book!!!!!

    Primal are you down for a night of Casting!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dude, I will get as much lead/wheel weights as I can get and we'll do it for sure. I have respirators too, plus I can get us gas masks if the respirators don't work well enough. You let me know when you want to do it and I am there for sure. Give me some experience doing it and I'll try to get some extra equipment together so we can have 2 melting pots going at once. Let me know my friend.
  5. You guys suck! :)

    You hit the jackpot with those WW's! Gonna make a lot of 124gr Cast Boolets with what you have there!
  6. To bad your in SC Rim. I just got a call from a buddy in el paso and he has 2 more 5 gal buckets and counting for when I get back. I can wait!!!!
  7. I'm jealous.
  8. Just went to the local "Shop" and got some Lee bullet lube. Now all I need is the mold (backordered) and I will be in business!!!!!! I cant wait!!!!!!!!

    Looks like my buddy in El Paso has a 55gal drum full of them!!!!!! I really hope that works out! I will become a sweat shop for bullets!!! lol

    For those of you casting your bullets what are you guys using to "flux" your alloy???? I planned on using the Lee Bullet lube 50/50....
  9. You are never going to have children! LOL

    By the way what setup are you using to cook the lead? Heat source I mean.
  10. Why would I never have children??????

    I dont want any more I have 2 lol...

    Im using a lee 10lbs production pot. 4in.
  11. I was just making a not very funny lead poisoning joke. LOL

  12. I'd better be able to cash in on some of that 55 gal drum of lead dude!!! I need some.
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    ive been melting, hadling and working with lead since i was 12 years old. I knocked up the wife on our third night of trying so i think thats mostly bunk. Lead does have detrimental health affects so be careful with it. FWIW i prefer the truncated point tumble lube molds lee makes over the round nose.

  14. Ahhh Thats what I thought but I wasnt there for a sec lol.

    Primal: I dont know brother?????????? We will see if the seafood pasta is any good first lol lol :lol:
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    Most tire shops will let you have all the wheel weights you want. In most places they have to pay to get rid of them. I am planning on picking some up again this week and start making 5 LB bars.

    As a kid we used an old cooking pot and the pot belly wood stove in the garage. Worked like a charm. I started gathering wheel weights to use in my Black Powder molds. I had not considered using led cast bullets for my C9 until a friend who reloads gave me a couple hundred rounds with lead. They cycle better than anything else I have shot out of it.
  16. It is alot harder to find tire places the will give you the WW now!!!!!

    Most of the "chain" type of tire shops ie. Big O, Distcount, Peerless, etc... Have contracts for a hazmat certified company to pick them up. They are payed by the contracting company for them. At least that is how it is here. I got lucky that a friend of a friend works at a tire shop. I also pulled the military card and that got me the semi WW.....
  17. tire shops in my area sell their WW's to companies that make lead acid auto batteries. Some salvage yards in the area are not selling lead to individuals unless they are willing to buy it by the ton, that's how the battery makers buy it so thats how the salvage yards are selling it. There are still a few in the area that will sell to casters, especially the guys looking for pure lead for muzzleloader casting.
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    also try plumbers shops and home plumbing remodelers. There is lead gakets used in old sewer pipes that you can melt as well. Just dont do it in your casting pot. Do it with a cast iron frying pan over an old BBQ grill.

  19. Yeah the more I read about casting the more I think I might want to find a old cast iron pot to mely "dirty" lead.

    What do you guys think or is it cool to melt the WW's in my lee production pot???