How many have a survival manual

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  1. Just wondering who has a survival manual and what one. Also a little spout about some of the topics in it.

    I currently dont have a current manual. I have used the old Army manual but it has been awhile since I have read over it. (like 7 years or so).

    We did get a wild pig with it in Hawaii. Didnt get the M9 Bayanett out of its head until we got back to the rear!!! 1SG cooked that dude up good and we had a great last meal for that FTX. He was a huge Somoan... Great guy.
  2. I still have some older manuals packed away in my storage building, I know two are the Army field manuals you can get from Surplus Stores. The best ones I have on my book shelf are more about camping than anything else, one is entitled Canoe Camping and its dated from the 1930's-1940's. That book has a wealth of information in it about things we now consider back woods primitive camping and lots of basic backwoods survival information.

    Another book is dated from the 40's and is about home gardens and small farm animals. It has everything from home canning, smoking meats, raising chickens, rabbits and ducks to raising all yer own food.

    Still have a Boy Scouts manual and at least one or two of the FireFox series about early American living techniques. I also pick up Backwoodsman Magazine every two months, thats when new issues come out. I love the BWM and read them from cover to cover in about a day, then sit and wait another 59 days till the next issue comes out...LOL.

    At one time I had various magazines from the 80's and 90's, American Survival Guide and Survival Guide. Some how those got lost/discarded over the years, they had lots of cool articles and info I sorely miss reading even today.

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    I have an army one which includes survival and how to use your gun as a survival tool. A hunting one I got from the DOW. and the plain old boyscout one.
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    Zombie Survival Guide count? :D
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    That's my scout manual! Thief! :lol:
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    Someone gave me a copy of the SAS Manual. It's really big so I figured I would keep in for when the TP ran out.
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    It does have some good info in it on survival. Just have to extract the humor from the survivalism.
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    Exactly....just take zombie and replace it with angry mob, and you're set :)
  9. Just a reminder, Zombie threads belong in the Lounge, so if this thread goes Zombie on us, we'll be moving it there. Thanks.

    I have several survival guides, and am working on several more. CG-49 has a bunch of great guides that he showed me the other night, and I am still waiting on him to send me the link to the seller that has them. Also, I have a friend in Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape that is going to send me a couple of the USAF guides when I get home. I can't wait to get those, because I don't plan on being in POL for the rest of my life. I want to cross train into SERE, as that's the job that is better suited for my personality.
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    I have two survival guides personally, "How to survive in the Woods" and the Army's IMM. :lol:
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    The original poster did not mention zombies, he had a specific question about survival manuals. The replies he got varied, and they were the ones who brought up zombies.... Maybe next time rimfirehunter would preface his post with a firm "NO ZOMBIE COMMENTS" to keep down the zombie lovers...
    As for the survival manual, it's a map, leading to RFH's house.
  12. I have the SAS manual in my bag along with a welder's (cheater lense) . I have where there is no doctor, it is mostly common sense. I have printed out a lot of instructions off of the net. I use 3 ring binders to store it in . My biggest one is the First Aid /Meds .
    Remember when you get these manuals to READ THEM FIRST !! That way you will remember a lot of it and then share them with trusted team / friends . Be careful who you lend your books to , I lost a copy of (Total Resistance) by lending it to someone for a few days.
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    Sorry about that..I had made the post and then realized what I had just done :p

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    I have several at home and I have 1 in my bob that is waterproof I also had a neighbor who years ago he wrote several books on camping ect and I have some of them Unfortunatly he died a few years ago but he was a wealth of information. He had been in the Border Patrol in the far north of Maine for several years and learned to survive in the cold
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    Who needs a manual when you can just watch Bear Grylls. :p

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    Who needs doctors when you watch ER :wink:
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    14 or 15 at fast guess. I include my primitive living guides, medical books as well.

    Ditch medicine
    Where there is no doctor
    where there is no dentist
    zombie survival guide
    US army survival manual
    US army escape and evasion manual
    The big book of self-reliant living
    Modern survival (MBC)
    Backwoods living
    combat surgical field guide
    Emergency medical procedures handbook (flowchart based first aid MUST HAVE)
    hardbound printout of nuclear war survival skills

    plus i have tons of printouts of ten to 100 page mini manuals from various online sources.

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    Dear god :roll: ......

    When I was back to sharing an apartment with my little sis, I had to put up with her lusting after that guy on TV. She doesn't bat an eye for any Marine, but you get a Dragoon or any UK special forces guy and she just gets all stupid.

    BUT, back to the matter at hand.

    Best survival guide for the modern world: The Pocket Ref by Tomas Glover. I am not kidding. Check it out, it has every table, conversion, chemical equation and navigational element you will EVER need. A must for engineers, mechanics, chemists and survivalist. Sworn by on both Mythbusters, Stargate, This Old House and even the BBC favourite auto show Top Gear.
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    Shooter Z - What happened to your Avatar? No more planet of the apes.
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    yeah i got apocket ref too but i never thought of it that way. hmm...