How many Hi Points?

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  1. Does anybody know how many Hi Points were made in a certain year? Maybe a built on date?
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    Sometimes I don't think the factory even knows.

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  4. How many different Hi Points are there?
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    Well, there are enough Hi Point models to cover about any caliber you would care to have. They are a very consistent brand...they make only what you need, no more or no less. JMHO.
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    How many digits does Pi have? Ya that's how many different Hi Points there are
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    Current distinct models, simply 8 (380, 9mm, 40, 45, each in pistol and carbine) if you count the "introduced but not ye released 3895". There are some alternative colorings of slides, MANY different grips for the 2 frame sizes, and there have been compensated models of the 380 and 9mm pistols. If you throw in the carbine combinations, it makes it nearly countless combinations of just the CURRENT OFFERINGS. Carbines have forward grips (FG), Laser (LAZ), light (LG?) etc. and the stock mounted dual mag holders, extra rails, optics, and so on.

    Throw in the historic items such as metal frames in all the handguns, monkey stocks, and other things known and listed by Macho-Man Melvin, (in his fine history post) and it truly is a bewildering array of everything


    So to answer your question, as asked, I'd say 8 different distinct models and
    endless variations. Now go buy you some HI POINTS and ENJOY SHOOTING!
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    i dont know, but i have three of them...
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    That's a GOOD start, now keep on going?
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    If only they could make a 22lr
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    Strap in folks. He's about to get his ryno ripped.
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    A cheap 22lr would not be profitable. Buy a Phoenix, then you'll be covered?

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    I only bought 2 this week. Payroll forgot to submit my vacation pay so the dogs are on their own for groceries................:D

    Now if you'll excuse me I have to go back to Armslist to shop. :eek:
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    Maybe they could make a 22lr more profitable if they put in the carbine platform. a 2295
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    I doubt you will see a .22LR carbine from them, the .22 market is pretty saturated as it is. There are only a handful of players in the PCC market so they have carved out a pretty good niche for low cost affordable PCC's. Why mess with a good thing?

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    Rippy Old Chap, I kinda smell what you are shoveling, but let's break it down.

    It sounds good, on the surface. But how exactly COULD HP Build a 2295?
    Here is my best guess:

    • use the existing platform(s)
    • adapt the blow-back action to the smaller caliber (most 22s are already)
    • lighten the bolt assembly (relatively easy)
    • new barrel jobber contract required (doable)
    • 10 rounds is already "standard" for most 22lr platforms
    • lighten other areas of the carbine platform, could be problematic...

    Now maybe you are thinking "So JUST DO IT!", but I see one more
    Now low can they go??? The LOWEST PRICE I have seen for the 995 TS is $240
    So let's just imagine that they can go nearly 10% less on that "low end retail"
    and call it $215 retail. I have seen $220 Ruger 10/22s NEW, so let's just say
    Hi Point is going for that demographic. The 10/22 is the high end of the
    "economy" 22 rifle market. Also one of the current and ALL TIME
    best sellers in the category. Below that, you have a crap-ton of contenders,
    ranging from sub-$150 and up to this $215+ range. I cannot see Hi Point diving
    into the "deep end" in ANY Market, with their well established "economy"
    market image. Not saying it is impossible, but it sure does not fit the HP
    playbook, not by a long shot. I believe they are risk takers, but not gamblers...

    Just my 2¢ worth, but it makes sense. ;)
  18. undeRGRound

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    1 possible, but highly unlikely scenario:
    Hi Point has a much higher profit margin on the carbine platform than I am
    assuming, and they could shoot for the lower end of the price scale. But as
    for that possibility, a much larger company has a better chance of that type
    of "economy of scale" and making it work.
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    One way that they could attract buyers would be to make the carbine with a 30-round magazine, the way that Kel Tec did for the CMR-30. If they made a carbine that people could reliably shoot for as long as 30 rounds would take, before needing a reload, they just might get some takers.

    While the 10/22 has larger magazines available, they stick out from the middle of the rifle, but a 30-round magazine loaded through the pistol grip would make for a handier package.