How many of you used a Hipoint for carry permit?

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  1. Was thinking of using my C9 when I take the class. I'm just curious to see who else has used a Hipoint.
  2. Make sure you either:

    A.) Stick with ball ammo; or

    B.) Do the feed ramp polish to avoid f.t.f.'s

    Just my .02 ..... My first 300 or so rounds went perfectly, but I started to have problems with f.t.f.'s when I switched to hollow points. Apparently, they "scoop" the finish off of the feed ramp, and the rough spot causes a feed issue. Nothing a light tap on the rear of the slide to put it into battery won't fix. I have sent mine back to Hi-Point to have them do the polish. Excellent, accurate pistol.

  3. I personally know a few people who have taken the SC CWP course with a HP C9 and had not problems at all passing the course. One member from the old forum, badman400, used his C9 to shoot the SC CWP and had zero issues and a perfect score.

  4. After "tuning" the feed lips on the magazines I have not had a failure of any type. I've shot several hundred rounds of ball and HP's thru it and am not worried about problems.
  5. +1 to ball ammo and +1 to polishing the feed ramp.
  6. z71silverado98

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    I used mine. While the instructor had nice things to say about it, people scrambled to the furthest lanes away as the were sure it was going to kaboom.

    No jams and I got the highest score out of the class.

    Use it for the test w/ confidence.
  7. I've posted this before, but I had the C9, a friend-of-a-friend's Beretta PX4, and my Glock model 22 at the range side-by-side. From my experience (and watching others shoot and compare the before mentioned pistols) I would choose the C9 to qualify with over either of the other two pistols. The fixed barrel and 9mm caliber mean better accuracy and quicker and more accurate follow-up shots. Really, the feed ramp polish and low capacity magazines (which won't hurt you when you qualify) are the only minor issues that I have with this gun. You can be confident that your C9 will shoot as accurately as you will allow it to.
  8. Why wouldn't you? If you don't trust it to take a class, why would you even think of using it for the real test?

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    I used Mine to take the test even with a broken mag sing and mag release spring [which I fixed later] I was able to pass with flying colors. :wink:
  10. +1 on that. The Hi-Point is is gun you can trust your life with, so you can trust a test with it. The trick to passing the test with the c9 or any other gun is practice. :)
  11. Ari

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    I no longer use mine for CCW. The XD9 and the P-11 has taken over in the CCW department.
  12. I carry my .40 with hornaday HP's in the winter when I can cover it with some bulky clothing. also carry it when I go hunting.
  13. I used my XD45 Service-- And older gentleman used a CF380-- right out of the box. He had no issues, and belive it or not, I had one during my shooting portion (the ONLY time I ever had a jam)--but that was probably due to my screwing up and not the pistol... He still shot well enough, but not as well as my Springfield---

    To each his own...
  14. My son and I qualified with 2 Hi-Points. The 9mm and the 40 cal. No problems! The instructor did not have anything bad to say about them,
    he sold them to us.

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    I not only used mine to qualify for my CCW, but it performed flawlessly AND has even saved my rear at work.

    If you think that Hi-Point isn't reliable, think again. I trust it with my life. Hasn't let me down yet.
  16. Roger that neothespian my jh or jhp are the constant companions of my walk. :D
  17. I currently use an H&K USP 40. But when I an hunting, fishing, camping I will carry my C9 and my wife will carry her CF380.

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    I use my C9 when I am working Armed Guard. I never feel it is not the right weapon for me and it's big enough everyone thinks it's a larger caliber as well