How many people here are military brats?

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  1. And how many ended going into the military themselves?

    I was born at Barksdale AFB near Shreveport Lousiana, and went on to join the Army
  2. I am both.... Dad was USAF Security Forces...

  3. My old man refueled and did the emergency crash response team or whatever its actually called.
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    my dad was a parachute rigger, i got moved around every 3 years, till i was 17. born at an italian hospital in italy(dad could not make it to the army hospital in time, which is cool, couse i got a dual citizenship out of it.
  5. We never got to go overseas. He always ended up at places like Thule, Greenland and was in Thailand during the Vietnam war.

    Only time I ever lived up north was when he was stationed at Loring AFB in Maine. Saw more snow than I ever wanted to see in a lifetime.
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    i got to watch my dad jump alot growing up, made me almost join the army and go to airborne school, but my dad talked me out of it. i ended up getting into sport parachuting instead, and have made over 500 skydives and 200+ BASE jumps.
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    Mum was a Chief Medical Officer back home in the UK, dad was USAF C130 crew, then Chief Master Sgt. Got bounced back and forth ALOT between countries, and it's amazing my folks could stay married not seeing one another for sometimes up to 18 months at a time! Made everything difficult when your parents serve for two different countries, but we all slugged on.

    After spending my teenage years in Belfast, I really didn't have a taste for more military action so I refused it. My brother wen onto the Marines in the US and my little sis is planning on joining the Navy after her degree is complete as a medic.

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    :wink: I can attest to that. Loring is the snow capital of Maine :lol: :lol:
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    Dad was USAF and flew C-130s and KC-135s for SAC.

    Did 4 years at Wheelis AFB in Tripoli Libya when I was in grade school. We were there until Kadafi overthrew the King.

    He got out after 19 years and became an Airline pilot. (if he stayed for his 20, he would have been too old to become an Airline pilot.)