How much power are you guys using..

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    So I have a Hp 45 hand gun and my cousin is reloading some for me 200 swc bullets and clays powder ,,Just wondering what everybody is using for powder amounts? Trying to come uo with the correct amount,,,
    tks chuck
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    You REALLY need to look in a book or two for that data. There are online books too.

    Like this one that says between 3.6 and 4.3 grains for 200 GR. CAST LSWC
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    We know its says.3.6 to 4.3 just wondering if anybody found something they liked
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    yeah....we like reading....:p
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    My rule of thumb is halfway between the max and min, or 10% below max, whichever is lesser. Those tend to cycle the action just fine and still be gentle enough on the gun. I see no need to beat the crap out of my gun with full-house or +p loads for target practice - All I need is for the action to cycle and the bullets to hit the target.

    With a rifle, I tend to have my loads on the warmer side, just because of bullet drop issues, though.
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    Started out on low side and it wouldn't cylcle the action now we are going up a little at a time ,maybe try the 10% ..

    tks chuck
  7. Starting on the low side works for a revolver, not always for a semi-auto as you found out. As previous stated start in the middle and load X amount of rounds and mark the box with the load. Then reload x amount of rounds below and above the mid noting the powder loads on the box keeping them separated. Then go out to the range accompanied with a little notebook and pen to take notes on how each load responds and patterns. Pretty soon you'll find that happy load.
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    And just because my gun that is identical to yours likes a certain powder load doesn't mean your will. I may not hold it as tight and let the recoil kick it back more. That can affect the action. I have bad carpal tunnel in the shooting hand and yes I limp wrist the gun at times, no choice.
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    If you had read his second post you would see he has read.:mad:
  10. When loading 200gr SWC I use 4.3gr of Clays powder. Its a common recipe but has worked well for me in all my 45acp's.