how much stuff do you bring to the range !!

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    loading up to head to the range today and feel like i'm the military heading out on a mission LOL!!!

    range bag ..

    rem oil

    gun blast

    hoppes #9

    small bottles of cleaning solvent and gun oil

    misc bore mops ,bore brushes , .308 chamber brush ,patch holders for 9mm & .308

    cleaning rods for 995TS & .308 for chamber cleaning

    allen wrench set

    misc small screw drivers and wrenches

    cleaning rags

    bore patches

    9mm bore snake

    .308 bore snake

    Caldwell ball bearing swivel handle 42" carbon fiber cleaning rod for my .308

    day pack ...

    (4) magazines for 995TS

    (1) 10rd box mag for my .308

    Caldwell gun rest bags

    folder full of targets for both rifles including 25m zero targets for A2 sights

    200 rds 9mm

    40 rds 180 grain .308

    gun bag containing my .308 savage axis

    gun bag containing my 995TS

    35 count bottled water

    24 count gatorade
  2. Rachgier

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    That's it?

    I bring 2 full cleaning kits, a craftsman 100-piece tool kit, 5 weapons (a shotgun, a pistol, my 4095, my 10/22, and my 770 in .308) in gun bags with as many mags as I have full fully loaded plus a box of ammo, pack of targets, spinner target, 3 target stands, an ammo bag with 100 rounds for each weapon, a gear bag full of miscellaneous range items with a spotting scope, back up optics, back up batteries for optics, allen wrench sets in metric and SAE, 3 sets of eyes and ears, half a dozen screw drivers both slotted and phillips, staple gun with extra staples, a backpack with a change of clothes, a light jacket, an extra pair of boots, 2 flashlights, a brown bag lunch, and a case of water.

    My range days are mini vacations for me. I leave as soon as the last kid hits the bus at 7:40am and don't get home until 2:45 just before the first kid gets home.

  3. man you all travel heavy. I have a couple of basic tools in my range bag, like an allen wrench and a small screwdriver. If something needs more than that to make the gun run then I put that gun away.

    I like to take a couple of pistols. One being a .22 and the other a centerfire. I also take two rifles, again one being a .22 and the other a centerfire.

    I take a stapler and a couple of paper targets along with some masking tape to cover the bewlitt holes. A dozen golf balls as well for targets.

    I now feel like I am under thinking things LOL
  4. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    I just have to walk back up to the house if I need something. I carry whatever guns im shooting, an ammo box and extra mags and a bottle of water.
  5. LegitCajunZombie

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    Usually my Glock 23 & Hi Point jhp .45, ammo box, light illuminating safety glasses, surgical masks (its a grimy indoor range :p) & just got some Mechanix M Pact Tactical gloves that I'll be using when ev I shoot :)
  6. johnnyBgood

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    It depends on what guns I am taking. Lately have been taking handguns to an indoor range so I will take the following.

    Range bag
    Eye and war protection
    Rem wipes
    100-200 rounds for each gun

    I don't bring cleaning supplies as I do the cleaning when I get home.
  7. Rachgier

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    Yeah, my club is about 20 minutes away up on top of a hill so I don't like having a reason to leave if I forget something. Pretty soon I'll be bringing clays, a thrower, and my archery equipment with me. Rain or shine I can shoot all day inside or out so I like to have options.
  8. Guns and ammo. OK, ear and eye pro, and a stapler. Kiss keep it simple. I have water and tools in the vehicle at all times.
  9. desertrider

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    Too bad you didn't post this yesterday.

    Was considering doing the same myself, might have even gone to Lytle. Supposed to be the beginning of a cooling down period for us, and we need it!
  10. Dagwood

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    I bring 2 pairs of eyes, 2 sets of ears, usually 200 rds of ea ammo that I am shooting, targets, tape, plywood pallets to hang the targets, a folding table and a folding chair. A box for the brass i pick up, a couple of gallon water jugs, stuff for home made tannerite. I usually don't do any cleaning at the range or on the blm. I do my cleaning at home. If a gun gives me problems i put it away for the day and shoot something else. The only gun that ever gave me problems was the AR. It's at the mfg hopefully getting worked over right now. My back pack doubles as a my gun rest.
  11. harcdaddy

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    Guns, ammo, targets, ears and eyes.

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  12. Yesterday I was re-qualifying with departmental weapons. I shot a 95/100 with a 1983 AR15 A2 SP-1. Five from the 100 yard bench, five prone from 75 yards. If my phone didn't vibrate at the wrong time.... well, no excuses. I shot a 234/250 with a worn out old S&W Model 10 .38Spl, and "satisfactory" with the Remington 870P. There is only "Sat" and "Unsat" with that. Because I tied for high score I got second chance to shoot the golf ball at 100 yards with the AR. The other guy missed it ten times. I got it on the second shot. :D


    EDIT TO ADD: I brought nothing to the range but myself, for once.
  13. SWAGA

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    My trunk is full if I bring everything.
    Range bag which contains:
    Cleaning supplies
    Basic tools
    Eye and ear protection

    Targets, stick on's and clay pigeons.
    Clay pigeon hand throw thingy
    Two scoped rifles, 30-06 and 7.62x54r
    One shotgun
    Three handguns (.357 .45 and .380)
    Ammo for all of the above
    Cooler with ice, drinks and snacks

    It's a two hour round trip so with 3-4 hours on the range and leaving at 10:00 it's a day outing.

    Last two times still had ammo left over as you waste a lot of time with range cold and just chatting with your buddy.
  14. Rachgier

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    That's why I love shooting on weekdays at my club. No one is ever there except the dude mowing the lawn on Thursday, and with 9 firing lines and 2 archery courses I can always shoot alone if I want to.
  15. Win94ae

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    I have everything in my vest to deal with whatever problems me or my firearms may encounter. Always a handgun, usually a rifle, extra ammo for all of my firearms, eye and ear protection, liquid refreshment... bed roll, fire starter kit, med kit... etc.
    If I am load developing, I'll probably have my chronograph.

    [edit]How could I forget my camera and binoculars?[/edit]
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  16. Other then the firearms I'll be shooting and their ammo, I keep it simple. Ear/eye protection, targets, staple gun, duct tape and LEATHERMAN multi tool. I do my cleaning when I return home and if I need any other tools for repairs, that gun is done. And water.
  17. My range bag has cleaning kit, all tools to field strip any firearms, oil, safety glasses, ear protection, staple gun, and targets.

    Other than my range bag I carry some water, guns I plan on shooting, and some sort of spotting gear.
  18. forgotenpast

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    i used to pack very heavy brought about 200 pounds of assorted gear
    then i realized i was spending more time preparing to go to the range then enjoying the range
    now i throw about 1000 rounds in a backpack
    throw my eyes and ears in a backpack
    place 2-4 guns in a hard case
    put my 357 in the IWB
    put my 1911 in the OWB
    hop in the pickup and drive to the gas station to get a soda or coffee
    go to the range for a few hours
  19. bscar

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    If I carried anything more, I'd probably need a large cooler as a make-shift rolling tote.
    I carry atleast 2 rifles with me when I go, usually take my mom with me so she has something to shoot, and something for me as well. I use one of those cabela's dry storage boxes for carrying ammo for the guns. Eye/ear pro and drinks. Even with help, it's still a lot of stuff to carry around inside the building.
  20. forgotenpast

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