How much training is

I have 2 degrees involving computers and have always enjoyed using ,
fixing , building , etc. Last year a friend that knew I was getting
bored with the whole IT game and told me about a possible career
change. I interviewed with a pretty big college as armed security. I
was told being observant was important. The pay was decent and I
thought , whats the worst that could happen??? Within a month I had
all my required training and had already had a decent side arm and
felt comfortable with it. I had to get my armed license and prove my
skill at the range. No problems there. Then I had to be trained with
a stun gun and pepper spray. Little did I know at the time I had to
be sprayed and stunned in order to be certified. The spray wasn't as
bad as I figured , burned like hell ... couldn't eat or breathe good
for a few hours. Getting stunned on the other hand really sucked , I
had 2 trainers 1 on each side ready to help me once I got hit. I
totally lost control and hit the ground. But at least I did better
than the next guy that pissed his pants in front of the class.

After getting trained and uniforms I was ready to go. I enjoyed the
job and as mentioned earlier the pay was decent. I was assigned a
car and was trained on the route and for the 1st month or
so the worst thing that happened was writing an occasional ticket. Or
busting up a fight between drunken football players. The director
thought it would be a good idea to pair us up with local PD officers
for more training. Most of the officers were great and seemed to
truly respect us, some thought we were nothing more than rent a cops
with a plastic badge. (Mine was metal btw).

One part of the training that seemed exciting was clearing buildings.
Thought quietly to myself , how hard could this be. Dispatch called
and said a alarm was sounding at a old abandoned hospital. I mean a
OLD creepy hospital in the daylight. It was now 1am and was near
Halloween. 2 police officers and 2 armed guards arrived at the same
time. By then I was a little nervous no lies to tell. My partner
jumps out and racks his slide and tells me to do the same. Boy was my
hands sweaty. In fact I hard a hard time getting a grip. Since this
wasn't a safe area or building and us the guards was simply training
the officers went in 1st. Call it instinct or watching to
many cop dramas but I was never told how to hold my firearm and light
at the same time. So I went in like dirty hairy would. Gun in 1 hand
light in the other.

It was very dark and the only light was from my flash light. Since
the officer went in 1st , I couldn't see how he was
holding his light or gun. I kept my firearm pointed down since he was
in front of me. My partner and I took the 1st and second
floors , the others took the 3rd and 4th. No
radio contact or talking just hand signals. Just found my other
weakness. I understood some gestures and some I had no idea. By now I
was very nervous. I couldn't focus or listen like normal. Just kept
thinking this mans life could be in my hands.

We cleared the building without incident and everyone involved came
out unscathed. Well minus a few cobwebs and extra adrenaline. I had
to do a report with local PD and really have a new found respect for
police officers in general. Every time they put on the uniform ,
badge , vest etc. They become walking targets. In this day and age
where almost anyone can walk in and buy a firearm , drugs are rampant
, you never know what will and can happen. Especially with the added
pressure from terrorist attacks and active shootings happening all
over the country. We all need to be prepared for anything!!!

Please forgive me for any mistakes. This is my 1st attempt
at writing an article.