How often do you oil your firearms?

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  1. So I was watching some videos and found one where the guy suggests you oil all your firearms every 45 days. Not sure where he lived that requires them to be oiled that often. So I got to thinking how often do you guys oil your firearms?

    I'm not talking about ones you use a lot but the ones you keep in the safe or hanging on the wall. I will take mine out about twice a year to inspect and oil them all up. So far this has worked for me just fine.
  2. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    my question: why have guns sitting in a safe that you arent using? a wall decoration is one thing i guess, but why have it if you arent gonna use it once in awhile?

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    I use EEZOX and handle my Marlins EVERY day. No rust from finger prints. Forget the oil. When oil dries there is no protection. Forget Rem Oil, WD40 and such.
  4. With ammo prices the last few years I don't get to the range as much as I use too. I do more dry firing for training and that has lead to me keeping some rifles out up a lot longer than I would like.

    I buy firearms I think are cool, history items, good deals, or just something I don't have yet. With that I have picked up some that are really hard to find ammo. Took a few months to find 8x56r and never did find ammo for my type 38.
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    Every time I shoot and clean which is every 3-4 months or so due to a lot of different factors I don't shoot as much as I'd like.
    In between whenever I think of it so maybe every 2-3 months or so.

    My carry gun a function check and down light oil every 2 weeks or so.
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    I take one of those oil wipes and wipe everything down once a month if it didn't get shot and cleaned recently. Cause in Ohio it can get quit humid and I got surface rust one year real bad on my mosin nagant and my 12 gauge.

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    I have guns I've owned for over a year & have not yet shot them. I know a guy that has maybe 50 guns he has never fired in 30-35 years?
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    I have one I haven't fired since the 1980's when I quit trap shooting. It's a Browning superposed trap and skeet shotgun. I don't use it but will never get rid of it. I have a Bro who has me "thinking" of taking up trap shooting again.
    In addition to keeping my firearms clean and "Oiled". I keep an open box of baking soda in the gun safe and change it every 6 months. I put desiccant packets in my ammo storage tubs and replace them every 6 months. Never have had problem one with rust.
  9. Dagwood

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    Thats crazy! I can't even imagine. When I get a new gun I can't wait to take it out. I bought my last gun on saturday and didn't get to go shooting till monday. I thought I was gonna get a blister!
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    NE Utah
    I'm with you, about once a year on the collection guns. We have a dry heat out here, no issues with rust yet.;)

    They are investments, parts of collections, and because, if you have over just ain't possible to shoot them often.:p



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  11. talon

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    to each thier own i guess, but to me, thats pointless. its like the guy who spends all that money restoring a classis car, only to park it in a garage for noone to see.

    i dont shoot mine all everytime, but each and every one of them gets cycled into the mix. its never but a month or two at most that one doesnt get used. i feel if you're going to have them, you should use them.

    i dont have hundreds of guns, but, ive got a fairly decent collection of give or take 30 at any one time. (i move AK's in and out all the time so it varies)
  12. USMC_VET

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    cleaned after every range time and if not i will still clean/ re-lube them every 4 mo if haven't been touched in that amount of time . Again it's my Military training and being in the Armory
  13. I forgot I have some firearms I never shoot, I have a Colt 1887 thunder that my grandfather use to carry every day. I don't shoot that one but I do oil 2-3 times a year. And I'm holding some firearms for my brother in law that got into some legal issues, in a few years he can get them back I don't want to have them all rusted up on my watch.

    I don't think about those very much and if I don't open the cabinet I forget they are there.

    Sounds like I'm not alone in oiling a few times a year. So far it has been working no issues.
  14. desertrider

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    I clean everything I shoot when I get home.

    Anything that doesn't get shot often gets cleaned/oiled at least once a year. I live in a dry climate, so I really don't worry too much about it.
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    Good Enough for Me! :D
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    Because some people would have to shoot several per week to get to them all each year. And some people have some NIB collector pieces that would lose value if shot. ;)

  17. Kiln

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    I've got over 30 myself and can't find time to shoot them all. Another good reason is that if you're like me then you've got lots of surplus ammo that is no longer around and you can't bring yourself to shoot it up and then pay $1 per shot for new production ammo like with the .303 Brit. I love having them because of their designs, histories, and usefulness but that doesn't mean I want to shoot up $200 worth of ammo that is no longer being produced when you can't find it $13/40 anymore.
  18. Well tomorrow I'm going to spend some time oiling them up. Taking my youngest to the range in the morning and when I get home going to spend a few hours with them.
  19. Branth

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    I wipe and re-oil the operating parts (barrel, rails, etc) after every range outing more than say, 50 rounds. I do a complete oil of all metal surfaces I can reach maybe once a year or so.

    I don't have guns I don't shoot at least once a year, but I have had to leave them for years at a time for college before. Then, I'm just sure to give everything a good coat of oil for protection before I leave. I wouldn't think there would be an issue if you leave them oiled for upwards of several years.