How Often Should You Unload The Magazine Of Your Concealed Carry Firearm?

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    These questions seems to pop up a lot; How often should I empty my magazine? Should I alternate magazines? What happens to my springs?

    The truth is this; If you are running a modern firearm, keeping your magazines full will not hurt them in the long run. A well-manufactured spring in your magazine is designed to hold the load of rounds for long periods of time and should not weaken the spring to the point of being useless. Some manufacturers will say to alternate magazines x-amount of months, but it is our understanding that most do not even mention it in their literature.

    There are benefits to unloading your magazines, such as cleaning. If you carry the same magazine with the same rounds on a daily basis, dirt and debris will naturally start to build up. Every once in a while, it is recommended to unload and give everything a nice cleaning. This includes the rounds that are in the magazine. A quick wipe with a towel (make sure not to leave debris from the towel on any rounds) should do the trick.

    Another thing to keep in mind if you live in a warmer climate; Remember that your body sweats, and sweat can make its way into a magazine. While most modern manufactured ammo is extremely well put together, you always run the risk of moisture making its way into a round. We personally cycle through carry ammo every few months, especially during the summer, but that is completely up to you. It’s more of a ‘better safe than sorry’ mentality for us.

    So there you have it. After much research and personal experience, that is our two cents on the subject.

    Carry On.
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    Default How Often Should You Unload The Magazine Of Your Concealed Carry Firearm?

    Every time you use it in self defense.;)

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    I unload and reload all my mags once a month, no other reason than I'm old and get bored easily, with nothing really worth watching on tv, other than cartoons with my grandaughter.
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    Depends if you buy a pink gun or not;):p
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    Every 7-10 days. Shoot em then put in new ones. I reload 50 rounds of my CC ammo at a time, slowly and exact. I pick 5 at random and shoot them. If all is OK I reload, Now I do carry a revolver but would be the same if it were an auto. 45 rounds left, 5 in the cylinder, 40 as back up. When I get down to 10 I load some more.

    Yes I practice with the same ammo I carry. HOT, HOT .38 spcl. to almost .357 level. 125 gr Sierra JHPs.
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    If I go to the range often enough I clean them, but no need to alternate mags. I never remember which one I kept loaded in the firearm before the range, they all look alike. :cool:
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    I keep my mags loaded.
    When I go to the range I'll unload the HP's and shoot ball and reload the HP's.
    If I truly can't remember when I've put them in I'll shoot them at the range.
    I may not bring all the mags for that gun either so it's possible some mags have been loaded for a year.
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    Every time one finds themselves being assaulted by a gang.

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    I was thinking along those lines as well....
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    Ain't that the truth!! I watch MeTV instead of cartoons.
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    I rotate mags on the 1st of every month. I eject the round in the chamber and the first round in the magazine. Two new rounds are loaded as the last rounds in the freshly reloaded rotated magazine. The process is repeated every month.

    What I do, is what I do. Technically, you could leave the mags loaded, fully, for years and never cycle the rounds out. I want new/fresh ammo and mags. Nothing is louder in a fire fight than...CLICK...

    Wild Bill Hickock started the day, everyday, with freshly loaded pistols.
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    What? Your supposed to empty them and reload them? Without shooting them? That's an exercise in futility, ain't it? :confused:
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    Often. You should be USING it often to practice so it should be cycling fresh ammo thru it with frequency.
  14. Yeah, If I carried a cap and ball I would too.