How old is too young?

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  1. So I just read the article on articles page and thought it was an interesting question.
    I have 2 daughters (14 & 12) they have been around firearms since conception.
    They have been firing since 9 & 7. Always under my supervision, always with proper protection, always having the "safety talk" before, during & after.
    Now that they're a little older, the 14 yr old has less than zero interest (she'll shoot once in a while just to shut me up!) & the 12 yr old has 3 firearms of her own (.22 lr, 30-30 & Hi Point 995ts) & loves hunting & shooting with daddy!!
    Imho, if firearms are going to be any part of their lifestyle, there is no such thing as "too young". We had discussions very early in their lives.
    Firearms education can have nothing to do with shooting said firearm. Nothing wrong with just having a dinner conversation about safety or discussing something in the news. Just like everything else in life, if you don't talk with your kids about it, someone else will!
    My 12 yr old has become quite the shot over the years and we will be taking our first deer hunt together later this year in TN. We're both very excited. For now, she'll have to stick to hog clean up!!

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    Nice!....... I'd say, if they show an interest, and you're capable of teaching and monitoring them, no age is "too young".

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    I am a city boy who would spend the summer months with my country cousins during the 1960's.

    My cousins were given Daisy Model 25's when they turned 8 years of age and we would terrorized the countryside shooting at all things young boys usually shot ~ cans, bee nests, dragonflies, assorted bees and wasps.

    We never shot animals as we were taught early on that a hunter ate what they shot.

    After reaching the ripe old age of twelve, we were allowed to take out the various shotguns and rifles to hunt whatever was in season ~ squirrels, rabbits, etc.

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    By 14 I was hunting solo after school with a 22lr, 16 I was deer hunting solo...