how reliable are your hi points?

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    This thread is inspired by Kirks failure rate thread. How reliable are your Hi Points. Tried to think how to make this a poll, but couldn't think of a way to do it. So let's just talk about it.

    CF380, it's been 100%, had a couple of bobbles with some bad reloads I made that my other 380's would not eat either, but that's not the gun.

    CF380 to C9 conversion. Started out bad. Constant failures to extract. Got that fixed, New extractor. Then failures to return to battery. Judicious polishing of the feed ramp fixed that. About the time I got it running good, the wife demanded her 380 back. Converted it back to 380 and its been 100% again.

    New (to me) C9, some failures to feed. I feel it needed the magazines tweaked but I didn't want to mess with them. I use the same mags in the 380, and as noted, it's 100%. Shot some of my 124 grain truncated cone reloads this morning. 50 rounds, no failures. I may have found what it likes!

    995TS. Runs 100%. Only issue so far was a squib load. Not the carbines fault.
  2. C9 bought in November 2012 - 684 rounds of fmj & jhp fired, for 13 minor stoppages. ( mostly double-feed of two unfired rounds ). All I do, is spray clean with Rem-Oil after each shooting session. :)

  3. Surfnayl

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    After about 750 rounds through my 4095ts I had one double feed. Wiped my finger through open chamber and an oily dusty film came out. Ran thirty more rounds without a problem. Brought it home and gave the full break down and clean.
  4. ArmyRover

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    I only ran 100 rounds through the well worn used 995 I picked up. No FTF or FTE mag fell out while shooting but that was no big deal :D
  5. Sirex

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    So far I would rate my .45 HiPoint pistol at 100%.
    My C9 at maybe 85-90%.
  6. dirt_19

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    My .40 s&w pistol and carbine have been 100% for quite a while . First attempts to shoot steel cases tula and aluminum cased federal rounds out of both would could cause a failure to eject . They have been trouble free since the 300-400 mark I think . Since then I have tried several different hollow points with no negative results .

    couple box's of Winchester White box bulk packs .
    several Federal bulk 100 round box's
    hundreds of rounds of Perfecta
    couple box's of black hill's reloads
    several box's of Blazer
    couple box's of geko

    lots and lots of Tula steel
    couple hundred rounds of federal aluminum

    "defensive rounds"
    Sig sauer 180gr fired 60rds
    Hornady critical defense 165gr 60rds
    Hornady american gunner 180 xtp 60 rds
    Winchester PDX1 Defender 180gr 40 rds
    Polycase Inceptor 107 Grain 20 rds
  7. Moestooge

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    My .380 and JHP 45 pistols gobble all brands of ammo like a dog eating meat scraps.
  8. Recoman

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    My 45 is 100%. Have two 9 rd. mags and one 7 rd. flush fit. My C9 is 100% with 8 rd. mags, :D I don't even count the 10 rounder. I had two 10 rd. and sent one back to MoM and swapped for an 8 rd. Still have one 10 rd., but just because...:confused:been sitting loaded for weeks, worked the follower ??? times, tweaked feed lips, just not reliable, no matter what,:( so it's just there.:confused: May just send it back and swap it out,. It does seem to work better with nine round, but for the look, I like the 8 rd. better. 995 TS has been 100% also.
  9. Gainestruk

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    I bought my new C9 in January this year, as of now I have 260 rounds of WWB 115 grain FMJ, I have had a total of 5 FTL with the primer up hi and bullet nose low, I cleaned and oiled and polished feed ramp 150 rounds ago and since then it has run flawlessly :)
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  10. foxytwo

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    I purchased a 995 this month and only have about 500 rounds through it, reloads and 4 different brands of ammo including hp rounds. Not one problem and is very accurate at 25 yards. It is fun to shoot and 2 of my friends that I go shooting with like it as well.
  11. Hansj3

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    My beat up 995 that had an umpteen number of rounds through it, put 250 more down range. No problems
  12. lsi1

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    i had a 995 classic that had hundreds if not thousands of rounds through it it was 100% reliable.

    I bought a c9 that had 2 failures to feed on the first 2 magazines after replacing the recoil and firing pin springs. After those 2 issues it worked fine but Since it had problems of any kind I can't use it ever for self defense so I sent it home with my mother in law.
  13. IDMTfirefighter

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    my new C9 bought in Jan 2016 has been very reliable. Two FTF in the first 50 rds. tweaked three mags (springs only) and they have worked fine. I would trust my life with it
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    Problems right out of the box

    Today is my first day on this forum. Hope I do this right.

    I just posted this on a new thread. But I saw this thread and my problem fits the question.

    So I am reposting my message here too.

    (I do like this gun. I'm not trying to running it down.) I'm looking for help. I too feel the magazines are causing all the problems with this gun (9mm).

    The mags work much better if you load 6 or less in the 8 rd. and 7 or less in the 10 round.

    Here is my post:

    I have a hi point 9mm. It ftf 20% of the time out of the box. AND big problem, when magazine has 8 rounds or 10 rounds in them. When you rack the slide the first time it stays open and you can't chamger the first round no matter what you do to the slide. You can't drop the mag. without prying out the top bullet.

    Took it home and polished the ramp and bent the mag lips. Not as many FTF but about one out of 25. The magazines (all factory) seem to not be able to seat bullets correctly. When fully loaded the bullets want to nose dive. We set the top bullet for a good angle when inserting the magazine. When magazine gets fully inserted the top bullet has been pushed into a very nose dive attitude. The top bullet seems to be hitting a small piece of metal coming through a hole on the left side of the magazine chamber just behind the ramp. We have watched as the magazine come up and locks in place. The top bullet is set at the right angle and as the top bullet passed this piece of metal (safety?) it pushes the bullet into a nose dive attitude.

    We have about 200 rds through this gun and it seems to be getting better but there is NO WAY I would ever trust this gun. (yet) Very accurate very good shooter (80% of the time)

    Any suggestions. Please.

    Thanks, ck
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Welcome Mr.Kent! Not a gun guy? Maybe you are. I am just guessing.

    I do two thumbs when loading a HP mag. One to poke it in. One pushes the rear of the cartridge down to fix the nose down angle. Slapping the mag on the rear on your palm is a good thing every couple of rounds. I have only taken my C9 out once. It was bought barely used. I have an 8 and a 10rd mag. Both worked perfect. I am mostly a carbine, and JHP45 guy. The mags all load the same way. Limp wristing can cause problems with feeding too. Back a few years ago the advise was 200rds to break in the recoil spring. That was what my nephew learned on line with his. I fired his and decided I would get one someday.

    Stick around and get HP addicted!

  16. greg_r

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    Welcome Clarkkent. I will second what TNTRAILERTRASH said. I am curious though as by your description it sounds like your rounds are hitting the last round hold open mechanism. Can you post a picture!
  17. greg_r

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    Love your MIL, do you!?!
  18. lsi1

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    yes I surely do.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Mr.Kent never try to put your hand near the ejection port when ejecting a LIVE round. The firing pin is part of the ejection process. It can set off a round if you try to impede it's exit. :eek:
  20. rmuniz9336

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    I've ran at least two thousand rounds through both my carbine and Pistol. I've never had a single problem (and I hope I just didn't jinx it by saying that".