How Safe is it?

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  1. Hi Point recommends you do not carry the C9 holstered with the saftey on and a round in the chamber. However I've read in this forum where some C9 owners do and have had no problems and feel safe doing so. Once and for all, is it safe to carry the C9 LOCKED & LOADED???
  2. In my opinion, no it isn't.

    It all depends on the circumstances.

    If you were walking through a crack neighborhood and there were unfriendly people staring at you, I guess it would be OK, but I sure wouldn't walk around with one in the chamber at my kids birthday party.

    Get my drift?

  3. Very interesting. I hadn't heard about this before. Is there a reason Hi Point doesn't want the C9's carried like described? Thanks.
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    no striker fired gun should be carried with a round in the chamber. its like the old timers used to say about carrying a colt .45 with the hammer over an empty chamber.

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    ive carried mine with one in hole for the past week,im still here.
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    Not all, but Most bolt action rifles are striker fired.
    some shotguns, many different brands of handguns.
    Most N D's that i have heard of are a direct result of trigger getting pulled or pushed, I have never heard of a gun going off by itself sitting on a table, in a safe , or in a holster.
  7. I can only say this for MY C9 but U carry her cocked and locked all day everyday without a problem as I have made sure it is in perfect working order.
  8. It only takes one AD to ruin a good 10 year safety record. It depends on how much you feel it is worth the risk.
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    When I carry mine it is with one in the pipe and safety on and I have never had any problems.
    Just be sure when you unholster it ( and this is true with all guns ) be sure you keep your finger out of the trigger guard and your shirt and anything that might snag the trigger is clear.
    You should have no problems.
    That is just me. You carry the gun how you will, but be safe and remember, the first safety on any firearm it the one in your head.
  10. I have to plead stupid here so please someone help me. Describe what you mean by striker fired and how it pertains to the C9. Is it a matter of the slide getting snagged backwards when withdrawing the pistol and then it snapping back and firing?
  11. Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought to.
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    Double post ... Sorry About That! :)
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    "Striker fired"?

    Well, I'll try.

    Most of the distrust of the safeties on striker fired firearms relates to the long history of AD's with the early Remington 722's and 700's, and some bad experiences with really inexpensive import handguns. Some had a tendency, to fire when the safety was taken off, especially if the trigger or bolt had been touched or moved while the safety was engaged.

    That created a lot of distrust for such safeties. And some designs only block the trigger, an even worse idea.

    As I understand it, think of a striker fired gun as having a firing pin with enough mass to fire a primer, under spring tension, with the sear blocked as a safety, theoretically a jar could cause the firing pin to bypass the sear somehow and move forward, firing the gun. Actually 90% or more of such AD's would involve someone or something pulling the trigger.

    Now compare that with something like a 1911, where the firing pin alone does not have enough mass to ignite a primer except under really bizarre and extreme conditions. (Like the "tests" that california came up with) The 1911 firing pin needs to be hit by the Hammer in order to fire, and the Hammer is blocked by the grip safety, simply cannot fire unless that grip is depressed, add a manual safety which also blocks the hammer and that pistol simply is not going to fire unless the trigger is depressed.

    Clearly a "Safer" arrangement. But even though the 1911 was designed to be carried safely, "cocked and Locked" many users aren't comfortable with the idea and still carry with an empty chamber.

    Hi-Point has it right when they say it takes about the same time to rack the slide as it does to take off the safety. But of course it takes both hands too, not always doable.

    Still, the Israeli Military does teach and enforce, empty chamber carry,
    in the interest of day to day safety and they have a pretty good record. On all counts.

    FWIW, I did carry a high quality "Pocket Pistol", double action, loaded chamber, hammer down, manual safety on "SAFE" for a bit over 15 years. (Gotta buy pants at least one size to large to make that work right) and on three occasions, I unholstered my pistol at the end of the day and found the safety magically moved to "FIRE".

    I regularly carry my 1911's cocked and locked, but as has been said I would let the situation decide that for me with a striker fired handgun.

    Hope this helps, know what I'm TRYING to say, just not too sure what I said. :D

  14. I carry my HP 45 cocked and locked, every time I carry it. I don't worry about the "striker fired" issue. The reason Hi Point says not to do it is simply for CYA purposes. There are plenty of other striker fired pistols that people carry with a round in the chamber and don't have any issue. I've never heard of a Hi Point discharging if someone didn't have their booger picker on the boom switch.......
  15. Its certainly up to the user to determine what is safe and what isnt.

    I only hope that if there ever is an AD incident related solely to the weapon being carried cocked and loaded , that no one is hurt, and that the owner is man enough to accept responsibility instead of trying to put the blame elsewhere.
  16. that .45 is a lot of gun to carry around concealed. how do you do it?
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    Didn't this whole "striker fire" issue start with Glock AD's? While both Glocks and Hi-Points are striker fired, they clearly do not use the same mechanisms. How many LEO's who are issued Glocks are required to keep the chamber empty?
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    That 3 times comment is scary but it just shows the a safety is a mechanical device that can be "failing" by moving out of position
  20. Thanks for the explanation. I will have to study an exploded view of the Hi Point to further understand this however. At the same time I need to study the basic configuration of a 1911. While I do not CC I do intend to carry my C9 in an exposed holster during spring turkey hunting as a means of additional defense against roaming black bears. In the scenario I feel I'd be completely safe carrying with an empty chamber as I'd already have a shotgun as a first round of defense.

    If anyone else can help me with an explanation I'd sure appreciate it. This is completely foreign to me and would love to come to grips with it. Thanks! :)