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  1. Neat, but i'll stick to lead myself.

  2. FMJ's and JHP's for this guy....
  3. Right on, PS et al..

    Since you only use lethal force to counter lethal force, you're still at a disadvantage with that. And if it does become popular, the EM is going to induce heart attacks in several BG's; BG's are going to complain about permanent nerve damage, etc. Then there'sll be a push by the left to ban electronic projectile weapons. Tasers are already controversal enough.

    Stick with what works when put into the hands of trained, conscientious individuals.
  4. Where this would really shine is in the hunting world. No worries of wounding. Hit them anywhere on the prey's body and it folds up like a lawn chair. Simply finish up with a 9mm to the dome, or slit it's throat. It's unfortunate that everything always seems to involve bad guys and rarely if ever is hunting thought of.
  5. Hunting with that...hmmm. I wonder if animals thicker hides and fur might be a little more resistant to EM. If it works, you wouldn't have to chase it (deer) a half mile before it finally collapsed.
  6. You could practice shoot and release then.
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    I like the part about rubber bullets are used for behaviour modification.Stand back or Ill modify your behaviour :lol:
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    Yes, but Tazer is a shotgun and only good up to 100 feet whereas the other is standard pistol calibers and good to 100 meters.
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    From the article... A healthy man could probably throw a 250-gram rock, Molotov cocktail or other harmful missile about 60 m.

    Say what? If you can throw a molotov 60m man, lay off the Jihad and join the NFL!
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    :D 45 JHP impact between ears at 75 yards End of Story
  11. I can throw a can of fruit cocktail at 15m :) Can anyone out there throw cottage cheese?

    I still say ya got a basic problem because some BG, especially hopped up ones, can tolerate a few seconds of system shutdown lowng enough to put down a spray of bullets.
  12. Think how that's going to modify our favoite move dialouge, e.g.:
    "This is the .44Magnum. The most powerful behavioral modification device ever created. Now I think I have only modifed behavior 5 times. Od did I modify behavior 6 time? Well, d'ya feel lucky, punk?"
  13. Do you have some evidence to support this? Not the fruit cocktail throwing, but the BG's tolerating electrical overload of their systems :)

    I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just really am curious :) Because it would seem to me that the one area a hopped up person would be vulnerable would be their nervous system. If it gets overloaded, you simply don't have muscle control, where as if you are simply shot and your hopped up, you can keep going for a significant period of time (well, unless it's through the brain).

    But I'm not an expert either, so that's why I asked if you have some info to reference :)

    Also, the “left†isn’t going to complain about non-lethal weapons. I think we all need to take a minute before we make such huge generalizations based off the words and actions of a few stupid people.