How Smart Is Your Right Foot?

Discussion in 'HPFF Comedy' started by Hermitt, Jan 13, 2015.

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    How Smart Is Your Right Foot?

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  2. Pretty damn smart. No problems doing it.

    Now. I did play the drums for 10 years.
    And the first thing you have to learn is how to move your feet and hands independently. And it took about a month of constant practice

  3. Think1st

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    Damn. That would take a serious amount of training to do successfully.
  4. jcwit

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    I'm not a drummer and never have been.

    But I did do it right off the first try.

    May have something with the military reprograming my feet, always step off with the left foot, still do.
  5. I'm sure some people are a natural, I remember watching my buddies in marching band playing complicated music no problem the first time. I on the other hand had to practice every night and learn each bar at a time to keep up