How the Perfect Rifle Missed Its Target

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    Article about how the Tracking Point rifle/scope, which electronically "tags" its target and then DOESN'T MISS, is failing/failed.

    Still, by early 2013, TrackingPoint was a hit, at least in the media. The company’s first gun was certainly quite a sight: a coal-black, Wi-Fi-enabled, video-streaming, severely precise rifle. You simply "tagged" a target from wherever you were, and the gun would deliver the target a bullet from about 1,000 yards away, even if it was on the move. Reports straddled the line between awestruck and abjectly terrified.

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    Much ado about 64 Million dollars...

    McHale must have learned how-to-conduct business from the government.


  3. Oh well...

    Sometimes, things that seem too good to be true...are.

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    And why I will never buy a smart gun!
  6. these are cool, but over the top. and never going to be worth the cost.

    Im must more interested in the scopes that have laser range finders in them, and will move your dot to the correct hold over.
    My dad has been dreaming about them since i was a kid. Just saw an advertisement for them a while ago.

    seems like a legit scope for a hunter with some extra cash.

    This tracking point thing is an expensive gadget
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    I agree. I have a Burris Eliminator on a Remmy 700 AAC. I love it! All you do is plug in the bullet co-efficient, point, press a button and shoot. It even came with the BC chart with most popular hunting rounds included. I didn't get the version with the windage reticle. Just couldn't see it.